06 07 08 09 Jaguar XF 4.2 supercharged vin c engine warranty For Sale

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    For sale is a 09 Jaguar XF 4.2 Supercharged Engine. Comes with head block intake and supercharger. Pulled from a low mileage wrecked truck the engine was tested before pulling. 90 day startup warranty is on the head and block. We do not charge a core charge so your already saving money. Please make sure this motor fits before purchasing if purchased in error there will be a 30% restocking fee and you will be responsible for all shipping charges applicable. Shipping and handling will vary depending on location please email for a quote we will need zip code and if its going to a house or business. Any other questions feel free to email. If you need accessories I might be able to work a package deal depending on whats available please ask. Engine warranties are limited to manufacturing defects in the block, heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers, and oil pumps. We do not warranty any attached accessory parts, such as switches, sensors, cables, electronics, belts, hoses, water pumps, manifolds, wire harnesses, valve covers, brackets, flywheel, clutches etc. Diesel Engines: We do not cover injectors, high pressue oil pumps, high pressure fuel injectors or any other part which is not part of the core engine as defined above. We are not responsible for improper installation and or labor charges. All returned parts or cancelled orders are subject to a 30% handling and processing fees plus customer assumes all shipping costs going to and back to. All mis-ordered or mis-diagnosed parts will be assessed a 30% processing charge and freight both ways, regardless of the reason. The stated mileage is not guaranteed and is correct to the best of our knowledge. We do not warranty oil leaks/damage on engines or transmissions due to non replaced seals, gaskets or filters. Any engine and transmission returned not in the same assembled condition as it was received will not be refunded under any circumstances. If the engine or transmission is disassembled in any way without our express written authorization it will void the warranty. If you were charged a core fee, you will not be refunded if there are cracks or holes in the block or head or if the engine is disassembled or if not returned within 30 days. Criteria that allows your warranty to be voided PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. If the item is improperly installed.If the item is used for racing or driven with other improper fixations that caused the engine to fail originally.If the item is operated without proper lubrication or cooling regardless of the reason.