1950 49 51 8BA Ford Mercury 276 239 255 Flathead Hot Rat Rod Rebuilt Engine 3.75 For Sale

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    [gallery] Hello, this auction is for a completely rebuilt 1950 ford flathead V8 engine. This engine has been completely rebuilt and is ready to add accessories and install. The work done to the engine are as follows: Engine Block: This engine started out as a very nice unmolested 1950 Ford core that was all born together and still has its orginal Block, connecting rods and freshly ground to 010-010 on the rods and mains and micro polish with no welds or repaired crankshaft!!!!. These are the best of the Flathead blocks as they have hardened exhaust seats installed from the factory. Engine Block Preparation: Engine block has been oven cleaned and magnafluxed. After cleaning the block was tumbled to remove loose rust and scale inside the water jackets. Prior to machining the block was fully ported and relived on the intake and exhaust. This block was not excessively pitted in the water jackets so it was sonic tested and bored to 3 5/16 (3.312).No lazy flathead here and will give great trouble free miles with some attitude!! Rotating Assembly: The bottom end consists of 3.750 stroke cast steel crankshaft(no china crank here), 8BA connecting rods. Both crankshaft and rods were oven cleaned, shot peened, and magnaflux inspected. Crankshaft has a fresh ground to 010-010 on the rods and mains, champhered and micro polish and has a perfect finish on the rod and main journals!. The connecting rods have been resized on both ends, the small ends have had new bushings installed. New Speedway motors HyperMax 4 ring pistons. Pistons have been installed on the connecting rods and they have been aligned on a Sunnen alignment jig. Completing the short block are new Grant piston rings and Egge Machine connecting rod and main bearings. Camshaft Lifters and Valvetrain: All of the valvetrain in this engine is new and upgraded for todays unleaded gas. The camshaft is an Isky 77B. This is a very mild streetable grind. The lifters in the engine are Reds Headers Johnson style adjustable. Valve guides in the engine are a Speedway motors 1 piece cast iron hard anodized, valve springs are Lincoln Zepher stock replacement. The valves in the engine are oversize 1.560 on both the intake and the exhaust. Both the valves and the seats have received a full 3 angle valve job. The seats have been cut to the standard 30,45 and 60 degree angle. Speed Equipment: Installed on the engine are a NEW set of 1069 Offenhauser / Edelbrock finned aluminum cylinder heads and a NEW 1075 Offenhauser dual carburetor manifold. Accessories: This engine comes complete as pictured.oil pan, pump and timing cover just for picture not included. Application: As equipped this engine is correct for all 1949 through 1953 Ford and mercury passenger cars and trucks. It will fit older year vehicles as well. Payment & Shipping: California residents to pay 8.975% sales tax or furnish a completed resale card for my records. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!!!FREE SHIPPING IF PAID WITH ANY KIND OF CHECK SO I HAVE NO PAY PAL FEES!! Please feel free to ask any and all questions directly thru ebay messaging system, I will answer all questions, I want you happy!!. I cant include personal contact information its against ebay policy, After purchase on ebay we can exchange contact information as needed.