1999 Honda Civic Turbo Kit Buyers Guide

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Civic turbo charger kits come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and variations. All of the turbo kits on this list feature a one-year warranty. The grade of the installation also differs, so it’s vital that you understand what you’re searching for before you make your purchase.

You ought to keep the following at heart while searching for a decent turbo kit:

  • Any kind of warranties available?
  • Does it fit my vehicle model?
  • Does it have a lot of hp?
  • Is installation contained in the price, or must I pay extra?
  • Is the application difficult?

In most cases, turbo kits feature a one-year warranty at the least. This implies that if any part fails or breaks while in use, you may get it restored or replaced free of charge. Thus there isn’t any room for mistake, you’ll want to ensure the kit fits your particular model and year Honda Civic before you buy.

Some Honda Civic turbocharger kits produce just 100 hp, and you will find some which go up to 500hp. If you are trying to find a lower-cost option, you will most probably have the ability to do the installation on your own. Nonetheless, if your Honda Civic has more than 300 power, installation will need the expertise of a specialist.

How Long Does It Take To Install a Honda Civic 1999 Turbo Kit

The installment procedure can vary based on the kit you decide on, but in general, it shouldn’t take very long to get installed and operating. Generally speaking, turbo kits for Honda Civics with under 300hp will be able to be installed within 1 day or so if you’re working on your own. This presumes that you’ve the mandatory tools, knowledge, and working experience to get the job finished.

Recommended Universal Turbo kits:

Here we have outlined some of the best universal Honda that you can buy online.

T3 T4 Turbo .63 A/R Oil Hybrid V Band Universal Turbocharger

T3 T4 Turbo .63 A/R Oil Hybrid V Band Universal Turbocharger

T04E Turbo kit is a high-performance turbo racket to enhance the performance of 1.5-2.5L engines by up to 20% while costing less than other brands available on the market.
With a durable floating bearing structure finished in tight quality control measures, the turbocharger has undergone extensive testing to ensure it can handle years of use.For your vehicle, this is the ideal treat that will increase horsepower while also extending its life span!

T04E T3/T4 .63 A/R Turbo/turbocharger Turbine 5 Bolts Flange COMPRESSOR 400+HP B


T04E T3/T4 .63 A/R Turbo/turbocharger Turbine 5 Bolts Flange COMPRESSOR 400+HP B is a high performance turbo to improve the performance of 1.5-2.5L 4 or 6-cylinder engines by approximately 20% while costing less than other brands available on the market. The high-quality turbo housing and blades offer an great airtight seal, airflow, light-weight, rust resistance, and stability with out sacrificing any output which will meet or exceed rival models for your car. This turbo kit likewise includes a long lasting floating bearing structure with accurate blade dynamic balance via 100% bala manufacturing process for an optimal product use duration time even in sudden turns at top speeds!

T3 T4 T04E Universal Turbo Stage III+Wastegate+Turbo Intercooler+piping 10PC Kit


The excellent stage III+ conversion turbocharger kit. Carefully engineered, built to undergo the most intense circumstances, and created with utter perfection, these turbocompresseur kits are guaranteed to make your vehicle really beam. In the end, T3 has been doing it more than two decades; this tuner is quality and manufactured in Italy, where manufacturers are respected as market frontrunners. The T4 turbochargers come with everything you need turbocharger (stage III+), intercooler (core size:21*7*2.5), piping to be able to install them on your car quickly without any hassle or fuss.

T70 Universal Turbo Charger 0.70 A/R 0.82 Turbine T3 V Band Flange Oil 600+HP

T70 Universal Turbo Charger

Turbotecnic’s T70 turbocharger comes with a turbocharger designed specifically for high horse power and is resilient to withstand the hard-hitting racing world. Turbotecoinic’s oil-less compressor system provides good response and trustworthy boost response across every RPM range, allowing motorists greater control over their vehicle than before. The giant of a turbocompresseur even offers industry-leading durability promises that can extend your motor to execute as it always has just by making the switch. Regardless of what kind of racer you are – amateur or expert, rally cars or dragsters – we wish you to carry on racing with this multipurpose and powerful solution available now!

GT30 GT3037 GT3076 Turbocharger 500HP 0.82 A/R + Oil Drain Return FEED Line kit


This muscular device will make a huge difference in your performance-the before and after (and really, who wants to wait until afterward?). Boost Horse Power as much as 500BHP at 0.82 A/R- that’s about Six times stronger than past models! You receive high-temperature resistance, also; it’ll continue producing peak power even at temps more than 1000 C! Enhanced engine power indicates not only a vast improvement in fuel economy– but additionally lowered exhaust pollutants, so you can feel great while you are getting off on the throttle.

GT35 GT3582 Turbo Charger T3 AR.70/63 Anti-Surge Compressor Turbocharger Bearing

GT35 GT3582 Turbo Charger T3

This turbocharger has been well balanced with the VSR machine technologies and possesses a fantastic blade design and style, supplying you with 20-40% additional power for your car after assembly! Forged aluminum rotor blades make this turbo nicely equipped for any environment as it is corrosion-resistant. Its bearings can endure up to 700 degrees Celsius, making it durable enough even those heated summer days. And because of the K418 chromium blend, you now can take advantage of overall performance that can last as long as 900 degrees Celsius, no issue! If your vehicle doesn’t have adequate horsepower yet and could use an increase to boost, this is the perfect solution to enhance your car.

GT45 turbo V-band Turbocharger T4 TWIN-SCROLLWet Float A/R .66 A/R 1.05 600+BHP

GT45 turbo V-band Turbocharger

An engineered trubo intended for high horsepower is the most reliable motor modification upgrade on the marketplace. A simple bolt-on set up increases your car’s power output by 20 to 40 %. Take your automobile from factory stock with 300 bhp to a total of 620 bhp without breaking the bank aside from possibly your neck whenever you feel 600+bhp on the wheels!

Enthusiastic about finally upgrading but are shopping for something cost-effective? This V-band turbocharger has an fantastic balance between longevity and performance, which means it’ll last longer than other models while also providing more power.

Frequently asked questions On Turbos

Do turbos reduce engine life?
The most common turbocompresseur common myths is the fact that running boost will hurt your engine with time. Again, all this relies on design. Any erroneously designed motor setup, whether or not it’s resulting from bad ECU programming, insufficient fuel delivery or improperly timed spark, will have a harmful impact on a the motor. On the other hand, a well integrated turbocharger pushing adequate PSI via a motor to generate good levels of power won’t stress an engine any more than idling in commuter traffic is going to. Manufacturers, up against the desire to provide years of warranty coverage on their brand-new cars, have certified their turbocharger solutions inside the most extreme circumstances feasible previous to offering them to the dealership floor.

What is the disadvantage of a turbo engine?
Smaller engines utilize significantly less gas, being turbocharged increases stress, which can lead to greater temps and engine knock, harming the motor. To avoid, you need a lower compression ratio. Thermal effectiveness and compression ratio are directly correlated.

Just how many miles do Turbos last?
Turbochargers are designed to survive the life of the car (close to 150,000 miles); but, depending on how rough you drive the vehicle and the turbo’s unique construction quality, they might degrade in time.

Video On How To Install A Honda Civic Turbo

Final Thoughts…

The choices for turbos available are endless, but after consideration, we have selected our top contenders- what’s your pick?

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