2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Mini Cooper S Supercharged 1.6L Engine 107k For Sale

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    *PURCHASE DETAILS* WE PREFER PURCHASE IN PERSON, WITH LN ENGINES YOU WILL ONLY PAY WHEN UNIT IS DELIVERED TO YOU AND YOU LIKE THE UNIT. – I WILL RESPOND TO MESSAGES RIGHT AWAY. – YOU WILL PAY ONLY WHEN UNIT IS DELIVERED, – PLEASE MESSAGE ME TO PURCHASE. – DELIVERY PRICES VERY DEPENDING ON YOUR LOCATION – PLEASE MESSAGE ME FOR DELIVERY QUOTE Condition: Used OEM Years: 2005Application: Mini Cooper Mileage: 107,000Product Name: EngineBrand: Mini Part Number: Cooper 1.6L SVin Number: WMWRH33555TK55867Fitments:THIS PART WILL FIT THESE MAKES AND MODELS WITH THESE OPTIONS:MINI COOPER 02-03 (1.6L), w/supercharged optionMINI COOPER 07-08 (1.6L), Conv, w/supercharged option, Cooper SMINI COOPER 04-06 (1.6L), w/supercharged option, Cooper SCompany name : LN Engines Address: Cemo Cir Gold River Ca 95670*All parts are from crashed cars or trucks*All parts are compression tested and stored in a warehouse. Warranty : Parts come with 30 day unlimited mile guaranteePurchase : conducted as a Pick-up or DeliveryPayment: cash on deliveries, cash on pick-up. RETURN POLICY – If unit is bad you must return the unit within 30 days of purchase- We are not responsible for labor fees- You will receive full refund of unit, IN CASH, SAME DAY OF RETURN. GUARANTEED – Returns as well as purchases are conducted in person – When returning a unit, it must be in the same shape as the day of purchase – Unit may not be overheated – Unit must turn as well as the day of purchase – Unit must not be parted out. day d