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    As soon as your motor produces a loud moan, it’s a good indicator that you should take action. Occasionally motors simply pulverize pistons and valves and die unexpectedly. Purchase second hand Acura engines from a network of Acura auto wrecking yards and engine importers that provide as much as a two-year warranty on certain motors! Apart from used Acura motors for all sale additionally we offer a large inventory second hand Acura parts. For the greatest quality used motors and used transmission or submit the inquiry form.

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    Acura is a luxury automobile brand that was founded in Japan. It has grown to become the 8th largest automaker in the world and, as of 2013, it has sold more than 3 million cars and trucks globally. The Acura RL engine comes from Honda's J series engines which were first produced for their flagship Acura brand. This engine is fitted on many different vehicles such as the 1990-1996 NSX, 1998-2000 Integra GS-R, 1995-1999 TL Type SH and so on...The Type R Engine is an upgraded version of the J30A VTEC engine. It has a lightened crankshaft and flywheel, larger throttle bodies and oil squirters to cool the pistons. The camshafts are also different: intake is .50mm bigger than standard while exhaust is smaller by .08mm.The RL Type S engine has a redesigned intake manifold, camshafts and pistons. The valves are larger (intake by .27mm; exhaust by .25mm) as is the bore (by .39 mm). The piston tops also have dished-in valve reliefs to accommodate the additional valves.

    Tips for buying used engines from salvage yards:

    When buying used engines here are some important tips to keep in mind.

    What’s the Mileage on the Engine, and How Old Is It?

    When you are buying a used engine, mileage is everything. The last thing anybody wants to do is purchase an engine for their car only to have problems due to low or no miles on the part. You want an engine with plenty of life left in it and that has been well cared for during its lifetime.

    Is the Company Reputable?

    You don't want to get scammed. Make sure the company you are buying from is reputable and has been in business for many years so that they have a good track record of satisfied customers. They should also offer a warranty on their used engines, or at least let you know what kind of guarantee they provide so that if there is an issue with the engine after purchase, it can be taken care of.

    What’s Included?

    Make sure you receive what you pay for! Be wary of any company that does not include parts such as belts and hoses when selling engines online or directly through their business. Make sure they take into account all necessary components needed before sending your order out so there aren’t any surprises later down the line—like finding out extra labor costs will be incurred because some other part needs replaced at the same time.

    Has the engine been properly tested?

    A reputable company will have the engine professionally tested to ensure it has been working properly before sending out. They test the parts of the engine that are important for functionality, such as valves and pistons. If you get an email or call from a representative telling you they did not need to do any testing because everything looked good on paper, then this is a red flag.

    What Type of Warranty Is Offered?

    If you are buying an engine, chances are it is because you need something that runs well and without any issues for a long period of time. Make sure the company offers at least a 30-day warranty on labor so there aren’t any problems down the line with your vehicle. If you find a company that offers a longer warranty period, then chances are they know how to build engines and their parts will last for years with proper care!


    Remember to keep these tips in mind when shopping for used engines so you don’t get scammed or stuck with low quality parts. While it may be hard to find an engine online, if the company is reputable and does good work it will all be worth your while! Remember that what's included should always match up with what they are selling, so you don't get any surprises after the sale. Make sure they offer a warranty on their work as well.You may be interested in a 2009 Acura Tsx Engine for sale