2005 Mini Cooper S 1.6L SOHC Complete Engine Motor OEM 47K Miles W11



Complete engine from a 2005 Mini Cooper S that had 47,000 miles. Supercharger is included This Engine Fits the following: MINI COOPER 2002, 2003 (1.6L), w/supercharged optionMINI COOPER 2004, 2005, 2006 (1.6L), w/supercharged option, Cooper SMINI COOPER 2007, 2008 (1.6L), Convertible, Cabrio w/supercharged option, Cooper S NOTE: This engine is sold as a engine which includes oil pan, engine block, heads and valve cover. Any other included components that may come with the engine are considered accessory items and are not covered. Some engines might include intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, parts of fuel system, harness and sensors. You should expect to use your existing intake manifold(s), exhaust manifold(s), sensors, and harness to eliminate complications when installing a used engine. SHIPPING IS FREIGHT TO ONLY THE LOWER 48 STATES