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    Everything You Need To Know About the Acura TSX Engine

    The Acura TSX Engine is a family of engines found in the Honda Civic. The engine was produced from 2002-2012. There are two main types, J series and K24A, however there are many subtypes to these including VTEC variations. The original version had an aluminum block with iron cylinder heads that were prone to warping at high mileage which causes oil consumption issues if left unrepaired for too long. This engine has been used by all three models under the Acura brand as well as being shared between them throughout its run on production vehicles until 2012 when it was replaced by the similar K20Z Type S powerplant.There are a few different engine codes for this that you'll want to know. The first is the J series which was used in 2002-2005 models and had an iron block with aluminum head design. It produced 160 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 140 foot pounds of torque at 4400 rpm from its inline four cylinder configuration. In 2006, it received low emission vehicle certification, updated camshafts and variable valve timing systems on upper trim levels which increased power output to 170 hp along with slight modifications boosting torque to 146 ft lbs.The second version is under the K24A code where 24 refers to the number of valves per combustion chamber while A represents Acura's VTEC technology allowing for more fuel efficient operation or additional performance when needed. The K24A engine was first introduced in 2006 and produced 201 horsepower at 7000 rpm along with 170 foot pounds of torque at 4400 rpm. It continued to produce similar levels all the way up until 2010 where it received additional updates increasing output slightly for 2011 models to 205 hp but there is no change in peak torque numbers which stayed put at 170 ft lbs throughout the entire production run spanning from 2006-2010 then again unchanged through its last year of 2012 before being retired by Acura.
    • J series - 2002-2005: 160 HP @ 6000 RPM, 140 lb/ft Torque @ 4400 RPM
    • J Series - 2005 & Up: 160HP@6000RPM , 146LB/FT TORQUE /4400RPM
    • K24A - 2006-2010: 201HP @ 7000RPM, 170 LB/FT TORQUE /4400RPM

    Common Engine Problems

    In addition to normal repair and maintenance service for this engine, there's a few problems you'll want to be aware of if it needs repairs or regular servicing. If the first thing you notice is excessive oil consumption from your Acura TSX Engine then check for intake leaks as well as vacuum hoses that have become disconnected. Next remove the valve cover and look at all four camshafts along with their corresponding bearing caps (located on top) to see whether they're excessively worn down or covered in oil which would indicate internal issues within the motor itself as bad piston rings are the usual culprit when it comes to high oil consumption. If there are no problems with any of these parts then check for an improper or faulty PCV valve which can be found on your engine between cylinders two and three, just behind the intake manifold where you'll need a socket wrench to remove it.If none of this works, try checking all vacuum hoses again making sure they're connected properly while also checking their condition - if any look cracked or brittle that could mean they've come into contact with something hot causing them to fail but thankfully replacement is very cheap compared to other components in most cases so long as you buy from OEM manufacturers like Honda Parts Online Store . Another common problem is bad spark plugs although replacing those isn't difficult either so long as you have the correct tools at your disposal.Finally, if none of this works then there's a chance it could be an issue with either ignition coils or one of the spark plugs themselves so don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service representatives for further assistance on that topic since we can help you find out which components are faulty and provide replacement services too!We hope this helps answer some questions about what exactly is under the hood when it comes to Acura TSX Engine problems!You may be interested in a 2005 Acura Tl Engine for sale