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    Common 2007 Acura TSX Engine Problems

    Acura TSX cars have been the subject of several recalls over recent years. The car was produced from 2004 until 2012 when another model, the TLX, replaced it. But despite being replaced for five years now, many people still buy this vehicle in the used market because of its iconic design and reasonable price tag. And that is also the reason why many of them face common Acura TSX engine problems. The simple truth is that older cars are more likely to have issues because of age-related wear and tear. But it doesn't mean you should avoid buying a used car just because it's old. However, you need to be aware of these problems to avoid getting stuck with a lemon. And if you decide to buy a used Acura TSX car anyway, you need to know how to do it right and what signs indicate that the vehicle is reliable and worth buying.

    Common 2007 Acura TSX Engine Problems: The Technical Side of Things

    The truth is that many of these engine problems can be avoided by taking good care of your car and performing regular maintenance on it. If something goes wrong with the power train or any other part under normal circumstances, It should be covered by the warranty offered by Acura for this particular model. But when such an issue occurs in some rare cases or after a specific mileage limit (which varies from one manufacturer to another), that's no longer the case.Of course, there are exceptions like defective manufacturing, which is often only revealed after a certain number of cars with this same problem hit the streets. If you're lucky to live in one of the cities where such an issue has been discovered, you might even get your car fixed for free because it's under recall. But if not... Well, when common problems start occurring on Acura TSX engines without any apparent reason (check out some examples below), it usually means they need replacement or at least professional repairs in certified Acura service centers. Common Acura TSX Engine Problems: Examples Here are some of the most common issues affecting 2007-2012 Acura TSX cars and how to identify them:

    1. Bad Transmission Fluid Leak

    If you've ever had to deal with a bad transmission fluid leak, you know that there's no way to go around it in this situation. You need to do one of two things: either change the fluid or replace the damaged part causing the leak. The best course of action is usually achieved by replacing both parts - if possible - but sometimes, when they're too worn out, you have no option but to buy just a new replacement part. So how can you tell which one needs fixing? A good rule of thumb here is checking the color of your car's transmission fluid. If it's red and looks fresh, your problem might be related to leaking seals instead of issues with the transmission filter or pan gasket. If it's brown, on the other hand, chances are you leak any one of these three elements.

    2. Water Pump Needs Replacement

    Another common Acura TSX engine problem is water pump wear and tear. Even if it doesn't happen all that often on 2007-2012 TSX cars, it can happen to anyone who hasn't performed regular maintenance on their vehicle according to schedule. A worn-out water pump might start leaking slowly first before failing with no warning whatsoever - leaving your car stranded somewhere until you replace it with a new one (and trust me - this happens more often than many people realize). And if you're not sure how to check water pump problems manually, you can always use a diagnostic machine for this.

    3. Problems With The Air Conditioning System

    If you find it challenging to switch the AC on in your TSX car, chances are there's something wrong with its air conditioning system (and no, changing the cabin filter won't help here). If the compressor is not working at all or it's taking too long to start up when you turn on the AC, it might also be time for an air conditioning repair. And if there's any strange odor coming out of your vents... Well, you know what that usually means - it might be low refrigerant levels (on older cars) or a problem with a weird-smelling liquid used as a replacement for-134a refrigerant (on newer cars). If you want to learn more about this, here's a video that will help you understand what's wrong with your AC system:

    4. Common Problems With The Timing Belt And Chain

    And finally, there is a timing belt, and chain problems can happen to anyone who drives their TSX for over 100k miles. It doesn't matter whether you've been maintaining the car according to schedule or not - this is one of those things that sometimes happens. If it's broken, chances are your engine won't run at all... So how do you know if there are any issues with the timing belt? Well, if it starts making noises when accelerating or turning the wheels (while the car is parked in neutral, of course), it might be too late to repair it. If you hear clicking or popping noises while accelerating or turning the wheels, on the other hand, your timing belt is still within its useful life.

    5. Common Problems With The Engine Mounts

    And let's not forget about everyday problems with engine mounts... Usually, when they start showing signs of damage (such as oil leaks being caused by excessive movement), all you need to do is have them replaced because most shops offer free repairs for this problem when you've purchased the replacement part together with labor costs. And if your car has already started shaking violently while driving at high speeds - no matter whether you're on a rough road or not - chances are one of its engine mounts is broken. If you'd like to learn more about this issue, here's a video that offers some valuable tips:

    6. Bad Spark Plugs And Ignition Wires

    And finally, when it comes to Acura TSX engine problems, worn-out spark plugs and ignition wires are always worth checking. As these two primary components of your car's engine start aging... Well, your car's fuel economy will suffer no matter how well you maintain it in terms of oil changes and other important factors. The good news is they can easily be diagnosed via specialized machines in any decent repair shop, which means you'll know right away if the problem is with the spark plugs or the wiring (or anything else). Here's a short video that offers some valuable tips:

    Conclusion And That's All Folks!

    Now that we've talked about the most common problems you should be aware of when it comes to Acura TSX engines, it's time to summarize all this information and offer you some final words on maintaining your car correctly. If you're not sure whether or not any of these engine problems might affect your vehicle as well, always schedule an appointment with a professional mechanic who will check everything thoroughly and let you know more about what needs to be done next (and yes - they'll do all of this for free). But if you already know there are some issues with your vehicle, and you want to repair them right away... Well, feel free to use the information we've offered here and start taking better care of your car. After all, it does deserve to be treated properly and taken good care of. And whenever you need a new oil change or any other type of repair, always ask a reliable mechanic for more info about all the common problems with Acura TSX cars and everything else that might affect your vehicle. Chances are they'll be more than happy to help you out 🙂 And don't forget to share it with your friends!

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