2009 Ford 6.8L V10 Complete Engine OEM STOCK 56K Miles STK 2205D For Sale

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    YOU ARE BIDDING ON THE EXACT ENGINE IN THE PICTURES And OMG did this thing run GREAT!!!!! ANOTHER GREAT RUNNING,LOW MILES FORD V10! COMPLETE ENGINE !!!!!56K MILES COMPLETE FROM DIPSTICK TO DRAIN PLUG BABY!!! DEPENDING ON YOUR APPLICATION COMPONENT SWAPSMAY BE NECESSARY WE WILL SHIP TO YOU AT BUYERS COSTDONOR VEHICLE WAS A 2009 FORD E450 The vehicle this engine used to be in, Municipal Hazmat Vehicle , and this is the reason the mileage used to be so little.TAKEN OUT OF SERVICE DUE TO AGE. THIS VEHICLE WAS FROM A MUNICIPAL FLEET THAT TOOK EVERYTHING TO DEALER. SO IT WAS ALWAYS DEALER SERVICED!WHEN WE (OR ANYONE ELSE) BUY THESE VEHICLES WE CAN NOT RE-TITLE THEM, AS THE GOVERNMENT HAS WRITTEN THEM OFF, SO THEY HAVE TO BE PARTED OUT.WE ONLY BUY FROM SELECT VENDORS AND GOVERNMENT ENTITIES! WE KNOW THAT THESE ARE ALL DEALER MAINTAINED, AND WELL CARED FOR. NO AUCTION TRUCKS HERE!GOVERNMENT WASTE, GOTTA LUV IT! SO NOW WE ARE PARTING IT OUT! We have now an excessively distinctive Industry Model here at Diesel Redemption!Firstly, we ARE NOT A JUNK YARD!We specialise in ONLY POWERSTROKE & DURAMAX automobiles. A few years ago, we realized that Govt agencies everywhere North The usa most effective run their trucks for three-10 years, after which write them off for scrap. So we were given all of the licences wanted to buy these “write offs”.We have now make a selection vendors and governmental entities that we purchase from. We ONLY purchase from vendors that experience taken their fleet to the dealer for service and maintenance, BECAUSE, our tax greenbacks are laborious at work. EXAMPLE, when the Ford dealer writes up a $32,000 estimate of maintenance, the Fireplace Chief offers them the go beforehand and these trucks get pampered! NOW, when it comes time for Town Council to strike a deal to swap out the fleet of 500 or so, the “old” ones are taken out of service, and new ones roll in. Now here’s where it gets excellent…. ALL the automobiles taken out of service were kept in one hundred% working, operating condition! There is not any over website where a few one has the brains to mention, “hey, we simply put a brand new engine and 6 tires on that truck, perhaps we will have to run it slightly longer”. NOPE, out of service they go! They are able to never be re-titled and will have to be “dismantled”.THAT’S WHERE WE COME IN! THAT’S HOW WE GET SUCH PREMIUM PRODUCTEVERY ENGINE WE SELL AS A FULLY FUNCTIONAL, TESTED UNIT GOES THROUGH A RIGOROUS TESTING PROCESS AS FOLLOWS: YES WE DO THESE TESTS !!!- EVEN THOUGH THIS ENGINE WAS LOW MILESMINIMUM 400 MILES OF TEST DRIVING BY AN ASE DIESEL MASTER CERTIFIED TECH.FULL COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC OF ALL ENGINE CONTROLSFULL INSPECTION FOR ANY LEAKS, OR DAMAGECHECK OF ALL FLUIDS TO CONFIRM THEY ARE IN GOOD CONDITIONFUEL INJECTOR BALANCE TEST OIL SYSTEM TESTCYLINDER CONTRIBUTION TESTIF THE ENGINE DOES NOT PASS ALL THE ABOVE TESTS, IT IS PARTED OUT, AND NOT SOLD AS A UNIT! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! DURING TEST DRIVE THE RESULTS WERE:ACCELERATION WAS GREAT. NO OVERHEATING, NO ENGINE LIGHTS ON. NO PERFORMANCE ISSUES. IT DID NOT USE ANY OIL, TRANS FLUID, COOLANT, OR ANY OTHER FLUID. LEAKED NOTHING! EVERYTHING WORKED GREAT AND I WAS VERY PLEASED WITH THE ENGINE OVERALL, AND IT WAS TESTED UNDER ALL TYPES OF DRIVING. HIGH SPEED HIGHWAY 90 MPH PLUS, STOP AND GO FOR MANY MANY HOURS, QUICK ACCELERATIONS, AND STOPS…. ALL WORKED AND FUNCTIONED AS EXPECTED. JUST A BIT ABOUT US. WE HAVE CONTRACTS WITH MUNICIPALITIES, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, AND COACH BUILDERS ALL OVER NORTH AMERICA AND CANADA. WE BUY APPROXIMATELY two hundred-500 POWERSTROKE AND DURAMAX TRUCKS A MONTH. THESE ARE ALL DE COMMISSIONED VEHICLES, THAT CAN NOT BE RE TITLED. SO WE PART THEM OUT. THIS ENGINE IS OUT, AND READY FOR SHIPPING… NO WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO PULL IT… ETC…PLEASE MESSAGE ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE!PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW, AND ASK QUESTIONS THAT YOU MAY HAVE VIA EBAY MESSAGE SYSTEM. All of our merchandise are coated by a guaranty. Please see main points in every individual listing for duration and terms in addition to the guaranty commentary on our web page. Guaranty covers portions most effective. We don’t Guaranty labor . In completely no case will there be any Guaranty for lack of use, towing, incidental or consequential damages, and so on