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    Let Engine Finder Help You Find A Used 2011-2012 FORD EXPLORER 3.5L CRATE ENGINE!

    ALL ENGINES ARE COMPRESSION TESTED – CHECKED FOR OIL PRESSURE – AND RAN AT OPERATING TEMPATURE ALL ENGINE’S ARE SOLD COMPLETE LESS ACCESSORIES ALL OTHER ACCESORIES LEFT ON ARE THERE FOR THE CONVIENENCE OF THE INSTALLER – EXPECT TO POSSIBLY NEED TO CHANGE MANIFOLDS AND OTHER BOLT ONS TO INTERCHANGE BETWEEN MODELS – WE SHIP TO THE LOWER 48 STATES ONLY – NO INTERNATIONAL, P RICO, ALASKA, HAWAII OR ANY TERRITORIES PLEASE READ : Engine warranties are limited to manufacturing defects in the block, heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers, and oil pumps. All other parts that may be provided are “Accessories and Extra Parts.” No warranty is provided for any such parts that are attached, including parts such as switches, sensors, cables, injectors, electronics, belts (including timing belt/chain), hoses, water pumps, manifolds and oil pans. Heat tabs are installed on engine if melted or missing Warrantee will be voided. Installation Check List: (Failure to complete the following will void Warranty)Inspect and replace gaskets & seals (front seal, rear main seal, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets).Install new thermostat & gasket.Replace the timing belt.Remove all “cap-plugs” orifice covers.Replace water pump.Install replacement sparkplugs & wires.Exchange attached accessory items to insure proper fit (mounts, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, distributor, sensors).Disable fuel/ignition before attempting to start engine. This will allow the oil to prime as indicated by the manufacturer.Replace engine oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filters, coolant-antifreeze.Drain excess oil and coolant from exhaust system.If equipped with an engine oil cooler the radiator or external cooler must be replaced.Insure the cooling system is flushed and functioning properly.Heat tabs are installed on engine if melted or missing Warranty will be voided.INSPECT AND CHANGE AS NEEDED EMISSION PURPOSES: TIMING COVER,VALVE COVERS,WIRE HARNESS,INTAKE MAINFOLD,MISC SENSORSNO WARRANTY ON LABORShipping DetailsCommercial Address WITH Forklift or Loading Dock – Price listed is for shipping to a commercial/business address with a forklift or loading dock designed for semi trucks. If you do not have a business address with a forklift or loading dock, we will ship this item to a freight terminal that is available closest to your shipping zip code (sometimes they are not close, so verify before purchasing). You must provide a day time phone number when you are checking out.PLEASE EMAIL US WITH ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO ORDERING!! ALL FREIGHT IS SHIPPED WITH IN 2 BUSINESS DAYS