99-01 Porsche 911 Engine 3.4L 996 Carrera Warranty 72k miles M96.01 Comp Tested!



This is an auction for a 3.4L M96.01 Engine taken from a 2001 Porsche 911 with 84k miles. Car was totaled from flood damage. No water was found in the engine, we have drained all the fluids from the engine. Cold compression tested minimum 150psi per cylinder (see photos) 30 Day warranty (parts only) on engine internals (rings, valves, headgasket, rod bearings from smoking or knocking). IMS bearing not warrantied. Should fit any 99-01 Porsche 911 carrera. The compatibility information should only be used as a guide/general reference, they should not be used as direct fitment interchange information. Shipping will be around $300 anywhere in the US except alaska & hawaii & Puerto Rico .