The updated BMW 5 series GT appeared before the world community in 2013, along with the rest of the fifth series. The car received a new interior, a modernized technical stuffing and a refined appearance. Stylish elongated headlights with four lensed elements and “angel eyes” of LED daytime running lights catch the eye. The radiator grill is made in a corporate style. It consists of two “nostrils”, taken by many thin vertically oriented ribs. Below, on the front bumper, there is a narrow elongated air intake, covered with a plastic grille. On the sides of it, in special recesses with black accents, you can see small round blocks of fog lights.


BMW 5 GT is a full-size coupe-shaped five-door premium hatchback. Its overall dimensions are: length 5004 mm, width 1901 mm, height 1559 mm, and the wheelbase – 3070 mm. Five clearance is 145 millimeters. Such ground clearance is characteristic of cars whose paths are asphalt streets and suburban highways. They hold the road perfectly, can call on a small curb and do not lose stability even at high speeds.

Thanks to a rather unusual body, the car boasts a roomy trunk and an excellent opening. With the backs of the second row of seats raised, up to 500 liters of free space remain behind. Due to this volume, the hatchback is perfect for the everyday tasks of a city dweller and can always take on board several bulk suitcases. If, at the whim of fate, the driver has to carry a lengthy load, he will always be able to fold the back of the back row and free up to 1700 liters.


In the domestic market, the updated five received four engines, automatic transmissions, as well as rear-wheel or four-wheel drive. Thanks to the wide range of units presented, the car becomes quite versatile and is able to satisfy most of the potential buyer’s requests.

The backbone of the BMW 5 series GT power palette is two turbocharged gasoline units: a three-liter inline six and a 4.4-liter V8. They develop 306 and 450 horsepower respectively. In such trim levels, the five will accelerate to hundreds in 6.1 and 4.8 seconds, respectively, and the maximum speed in both cases is limited by electronics and is 250 kilometers per hour. Despite the high power and excellent dynamics, the motors can not be called voracious. Fuel consumption will be 8.5-9.6 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers in a combined cycle of movement.

For fans of heavy fuel oil units, the manufacturer has prepared two variations of a three-liter diesel turbocharged six. In different versions, it develops 258 and 313 horsepower. Depending on the type of drive, such a car will exchange the first hundred in 5.6-6.2 seconds and can reach speeds of 246-250 kilometers per hour. Diesel engines have always been famous for good torque and efficiency. With them, the five will consume 5.8-6.2 liters of diesel per hundred in the combined cycle.


BMW 5 GT keeps up with the times. She has a dynamic and elegant design that perfectly emphasizes the character and status of its owner in society. Such a car will not dissolve in the gray everyday stream and will not get lost in the large parking lot of the business center. Salon is the kingdom of exclusive materials, trim ergonomics, practicality and uncompromising comfort. Even a trip during rush hour cannot deliver the slightest inconvenience. The manufacturer is well aware that in the first place, cars of this class should give pleasure in driving. That is why the hatchback is equipped with an excellent line of units, which are the quintessence of innovative technologies and legendary German quality. 5 series GT is a more practical, but no less stylish alternative to the sedan.

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