BMW M3 Review

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The new BMW M3 debuted at the 2014 annual annual Detroit Auto Show. It is not difficult to distinguish the new product from the standard version of the sedan; it has stylish elongated headlights with linzovannaya optics and LED sections of daytime running lights in the corporate style of BMW.

Another hallmark of the Bavarian automaker is a two-section radiator grill with large vertically oriented fins, on this model they are made of black plastic, on top of which you can see the nameplate M. The front bumper looks very aggressive, it has large embossed air intakes covered with a mesh with black plastic honeycombs similar to the details of a race car or jet fighter. The silhouette of the car looks fast and dynamic thanks to the embossed ribs on the sides and hood, wheels of eighteen inches radius and M body kit also contribute.

To summarize, the appearance of the sedan turned out to be very successful, on the one hand, all these elements openly speak about the aggressive nature of the novelty, but on the other hand, smooth body contours and chrome lining make the BMW M3 elegant and unobtrusive. The novelty will collect views on itself, but it certainly is not going to be an eyesore.


The BMW M3 is a class D sports sedan. It differs from the standard version in its extensive use of light and high-strength materials, since the hood, trunk and doors are made of aluminum, and the roof is generally made of carbon. In addition, the novelty has expanded the track and reduced clearance. These changes are designed to increase the controllability of the car and make it less prone to coups.

In general, the overall dimensions of the BMW M3 are: length 4671 mm, width 1877 mm, height 1430 mm, and ground clearance will be 120 mm. Such a small clearance is perfect for smooth asphalt of a racetrack or German autobahn, but if the driver of the BMW M3 decides to ride through the vast expanses, he should pay special attention so as not to damage the body and precious units of the car.

Despite the fact that the BMW M3 is a sports car, there is a rather roomy trunk, with the backs of the second row of seats raised, you will have 480 liters of free space at your disposal, this is quite an impressive indicator, you can always take everything you need with you wherever you go not headed.


The BMW M3 is equipped with one single engine, although there is no choice as such, it would not be appropriate here. This powertrain is a work of art from Bavarian engineers, which will fully reveal the character and sporting potential of this wonderful car.

The engine of the BMW M3 is an inline gasoline six with a volume of 2979 cubic centimeters. Thanks to two turbochargers, the sedan develops truly amazing power, namely 431 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque in a wide range: from 1850 to 5500 revolutions of the crankshaft per minute.

Such a wide shelf of torque makes the character of the car alive, and the response to the gas pedal responsive. A solid herd of horses under the hood of the sedan allows him to shoot up to a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour in 4.3 seconds, and the maximum speed, in turn, will be 250 kilometers per hour, limited by electronics. It is optionally offered to buy a package of options that pushes this bar another 30 kilometers per hour.

Despite the solid power and outstanding dynamic performance, the car will not force you to live at a gas station. The consumption of the BMW M3 engine will be 12 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers in the city, 6.9 liters during an unhurried trip along the highway and 8.8 liters of fuel per hundred in a combined cycle of movement.


The BMW M3 has rich technical stuffing, inside you will find a lot of useful devices and ingenious systems designed to make your trip comfortable, interesting, and most importantly safe. So, the sedan is equipped with: six airbags, full-time parking sensors, a rearview camera, climate control, carbon-ceramic brakes, full power accessories, heated seats, mirrors and windows, adaptive headlights, a blind zone control system, a leather interior, a premium audio system class and even an automatic parking system.


BMW M3 keeps up to date, it has an aggressive, but at the same time elegant design, which perfectly emphasizes your character and status in society. Be sure, such a car will not merge with the gray everyday flow and will not get lost in the parking lot of a large shopping center. Salon is the realm of comfort, quality materials and the triumph of ergonomics. Despite the sporty nature of the car, even a long trip will not bring you even the slightest discomfort, and all the necessary elements will always be at your fingertips, their management will show an intuitive and refined character. Inside you will find a lot of useful devices and technical innovations designed to facilitate the operation of the car and not let you get bored on the road.

The Bavarian manufacturer is well aware that the car is not a high-tech toy, that is why under the hood of the sedan is a powerful and progressive engine, which is the quintessence of modern technology, many years of experience in the field of engine building and traditional German quality. BMW M3 will serve you for long kilometers and give an unforgettable driving experience.

Dmitry Petrov

Dmitry Petrov is an engineer who specializes in materials science, and has a deep passion for all things related to automotive technology. He is a true motorhead at heart, and spends much of his free time tinkering with engines and studying vehicular dynamics.


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