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BMW M52TU Engine E46 1999 2000 323i Complete 2.5 Motor 192k SEE VIDEO ’99 ’00 !!

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    DESCRIPTION ** There is no shipping on this. ** Sorry, I am not accepting offers for less than my listing price. ** The engine has been removed from the car. I do not cut any wires when I remove it. You can drop this in your car and plug the harness in. You shouldn’t have to remove the intake manifold to swap your harness over, which is a huge time-saver! I had to use the valve cover on another engine (I placed the bad one on this engine to keep the dust out), so you will need to reuse your’s. I am parting out an ’00 323i and this listing is for the M52TU 2.5L 6 cylinder engine with 192k on it. It runs great. Included is the engine as seen in the pics (from throttle body to valve cover to oil pan, but NOT the cats, ECU, alternator, PS pump, etc. Those parts are all available at extra cost). This is a direct replacement for the ’99-’00 323i cars ONLY. The buyer is completely responsible for confirming fitment for his vehicle. SHIPPING There is no shipping on this. That means you have to come to Schenectady, NY, and pick it up in person, with cash in hand. I listed $2000 as a shipping cost because, no matter how many times I mention “NO SHIPPING”, people were still buying my items and expecting me to ship them. This should stop that 🙂 PAYMENT Ebay requires me to list Paypal as an accepted payment method, but I will only accept cash in person. FEEDBACK Please check my feedback, as I worked hard for it and take pride in it. Actually take a few minutes and read some of them, as many buyers have made the effort to personalize their remarks. I intend to keep all my feedback positive! Due to the large number of people who have neglected to leave me feedback (well over 1000 of them!), I will no longer leave feedback until I have received feedback myself. I have always been prompt with my feedback, but I feel this is the only way to get people to bother leaving feedback. Thanks and happy ebaying!


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