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BMW M62 Engine For Sale

The M62 family includes 5 engines with displacements between 3.5 and 4.6 liters, and up to 4.9 liters if we also count a sixth engine closely related to the M62 family and which takes the name of S62. The M62 family was replaced in 2005 by the N62 family, already present on some BMW models since 2002. The characteristics of each version of the M62 family are shown below

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This version was born on the basis of the previous M60B30 unit, with respect to which the stroke measurement was lengthened from 67.6 to 78.9 mm, while the bore measurement remained unchanged (84 mm). The total displacement is 3498 cm³. The output values ​​foresee a maximum power of 235 HP at 5700 rpm and a maximum torque of 320 Nm at 3300 rpm. This engine was mounted on: BMW 535i E39 ( 1996 - 98 ); BMW 735i E38 (1996-98).


Introduced in 1998, it is an evolution of the previous engine: it is in fact the same 3.5 liters seen just above, but with the added variable valve timing system VANOS that adjusts the valve timing of the intake valves as a function of engine load. This engine was proposed in two variants. The first variant produced up to 245 hp at 5800 rpm and up to 345 N m at 3800 rpm, and was fitted to the BMW 535i E39s produced between 1998 and 2003. The second variant instead delivered a maximum power of 238 hp at 5800 rpm, and always with the same maximum torque value. This engine was fitted to the BMW 735i E38 produced between 1998 and2001.


This engine has a displacement of 4398 cc, obtained thanks to a bore of 92 mm and a stroke of 82.7 mm. Its maximum power was 286 hp at 5750 rpm, while the maximum torque was 420 N · m at 3900 rpm. Since 1998 this engine has benefited from the arrival of the VANOS device on the intake side, so that the maximum torque was raised to 440 Nm at 3600 rpm. This engine was mounted on: BMW 540i E39 (1996-98); BMW 740i / 740iL E38 (1994-98); BMW 840Ci E31 (1996-98).


This is the previous engine, but with the addition of the VANOS device for variable valve timing. This engine is also equipped with an electronically controlled throttle body and delivers the same maximum power, but with a peak torque increased from 420 to 440 N · m, also available at a speed of 3600 rpm instead of 3900. This engine is been mounted on various models, even those not bearing the BMW brand. Here are the applications of this engine: BMW 540i E39 (1998-03); BMW 740i / 740iL E38 (1998-01); BMW X5 4.4i E53 ( 1999 -03); Range Rover (2003-05); Morgan Aero 8 ( 2000 - 04 ).


It is the top version of the M62 family : it has bore and stroke measures of 93x85 mm, for a total displacement of 4619 cc. This engine was used in 1997 on the Alpina B10 V8 E39, with a maximum power of 340 HP at 5700 rpm, and on the BMW X5 4.6is E53, with 347 HP at 5700 rpm produced between 2002 and 2003. The peak torque is 480 N m at 3700 rpm.


It is a sports version, closely related to the M62 family, but revised by BMW Motorsport technicians and therefore considered as a separate engine.