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BMW N43 Engine

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BMW N43 Engine For Sale

This engine family is intended to complement and later replace the N45 and N46 families. Of the latter, the N43 family incorporates various characteristics, including:

4- cylinder in-line architecture ;
cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder;
distribution with two overhead camshafts ;
presence of the Vanos double variable valve timing system.
The continuous valve timing system Valvetronic is also taken over from the N46 family.

The novelty proposed by the N43 family is the direct injection power supply, called HPI ( High Precision Injection ), which ensures better combustion of the air / petrol mixture inside the combustion chambers.

The small N43 family consists of a 1.6-liter and a 2-liter version, the latter available in three power variants.

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2 liter version The 2-liter version is taken from the 2-liter N46, whose dimensions it retains, so the bore and stroke measurements are 84x90 mm and the total displacement is 1995 cm³. This is the first version of the N43 engines to make its debut. Here are the characteristics of the three versions. Basic variant The basic variant was introduced in 2009, initially only in some markets, including the German one. In these markets it replaces the 1.6 N43 illustrated below. The same power is maintained of this engine, 122 hp at 6000 rpm, so it is a very weakened 2-liter. However, the engine torque benefits, significantly higher than that provided by the previous 1.6. This torque reaches its peak at 185 Nm at 3000 rpm. This engine is fitted to the BMW 116i E81 / E87. In markets such as the Italian one, however, this engine is not used and the 116i planned for these markets still mounts the 1.6 N43. Intermediate variant: N43B20 M1 This abbreviation indicates the intermediate level engine, which reaches 143 HP at 6000 rpm and 190 Nm at 4500 rpm. This engine is mounted on: BMW 118i E87 (2007- 11 ); BMW 118i E81 (2007-11); BMW 118i Convertible E88 ( 2008 -12); BMW 318i E90 / E91 (2007-12). Top variant: N43B20 O1 2011 BMW 320i E93 Cabriolet M-Sport equipped with the N43 engine This is the more powerful version of the three, and reaches 170 HP at 6700 rpm, with a peak of torque equal to 210 N · m at 4250 rpm. This engine is used on: BMW 120i E81 / E87 (2007-11); BMW 120i Coupe E82 (2009- 13, not intended for Italy); BMW 120i Cabriolet E88 (2008-13); BMW 320i E90 / 91/92 (2007-12); BMW 320i E93 (2007-14); BMW 520i E60 / E61 2.0i (2008-10). 1.6 liter version: N43B16 O0 The 1.6-liter version of the N43 family debuted in 2007. This 1.6 replaces the previous 1.6 of the N45 family, compared to which it is completely new and incorporates the technologies introduced by the 2-liter N43 just illustrated. The new 1.6 has a displacement of 1596 cm³ and was proposed in a single variant, signed N43B16O0, which boasts a compression ratio of 12: 1, a maximum power of 122 HP at 6000 rpm and a peak of torque. 160 N m at 4250 rpm Its applications are limited to the BMW 116i E87 and E81 (ie the 5-door and 3-door) produced from 2007 to 2011. This engine is replaced, as already explained, by a very weakened variant of the 2-liter of the same family, but at least initially only in some markets.