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BMW N46 Engine

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BMW N46 Engine For Sale

This small family, together with the N45 family, has taken the place of the previous N42 family, of which it retains the main construction features, namely:

4- cylinder in-line architecture ;
cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder;
distribution with two overhead camshafts ;
presence of the Vanos double variable valve timing system ;
presence of the continuous valve timing system Valvetronic.
Few differences compared to the previous family, especially in terms of performance. Structurally, the main differences were in the better balancing and therefore in the reduction of vibrations by means of special balancing countershafts ; There were also new connecting rods, new roller tappets for the camshafts, new spark plugs and a new cylinder head. The two versions that make up the N46 family are described below.

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N46B18 It incorporates the dimensional and performance characteristics of the corresponding 1.8-liter unit of the N42 family. We therefore have 4 in-line cylinders, each with bore and stroke measurements equal to 84x81 mm, for a total displacement of 1796 cm³. The power maximum is 115 bhp at 5500 rpm / min, with a torque maximum of 175 Nm at 3750 rev / min. This engine has been fitted to the latest BMW 316i E46 sedan and Touring, as well as to the latest BMW 316ti Compact E46. This version, the smaller of the two versions of the N46 family, is the one produced for the shortest time, since in 2005 it was already discontinued. N46B20 This engine, like the 1.8-liter version, incorporates the dimensional characteristics of the 2-liter N42. A 4-cylinder with bore and stroke equal to 84x90 mm for each cylinder is thus re-proposed, thus obtaining a total displacement of 1995 cm³ again. Unlike the 2-liter N42, however, this engine was offered in three power levels, which are illustrated below, each with its applications: