Buying Guide For Used Engines


Buying a used engine is a risky business. But with a minimum of technical knowledge risks can be minimized. How to choose a used engine in good condition?

Things to pay attention to

A comprehensive check of the technical condition is possible only at the junk yard and with the use of special devices. How to choose a used engine yourself?

  • Visual inspection. Most of the salvage yards wash before selling, but on closer inspection you can detect oil leaks. Look at the timing gears, crankshaft oil seals, turn the flywheel a little and inspect the teeth. If in these places there are drips of oil – get ready after the installation of the engine to go to repair.
  • Check the compression. You will not know the exact data without a pressure gauge, but you will get an idea. Try cranking the crankshaft; you should feel the compression forces as the pistons pass the top dead center of the compression phase.
  • Is the damper clean – great, otherwise there is carbon – problems with the piston. Wear group timing can be found on the back of the filler cap. At the admission of gases on a cover the deposit is noticeable.
  • If the engine has a turbocharger – make sure to double check it. It is an expensive unit and it can fail quickly.
  • Ask the owner of the operating conditions and for what reason he is selling this engine.

Find a familiar professional auto mechanic and take him with you to the inspection. These simple tips will help you choose a second hand motor in fair condition. And the last. Do not expect at a low price to buy a great unit. Save on cost laughing – pay the difference during repairs cry

Before you buy, read available information, read the stories of customers with personal experience, see how to choose the engine on video, there are enough of them on the web. There you can find recommendations depending on the brand and model.

Make sure the motor you buy is identical to yours. Some sellers designate engines incorrectly, this is done unknowingly or intentionally. 

For example, MAZDA FS is not an engine, but a group of units that have differences. Specific engines of this group are designated MAZDA FS-DE or MAZDA FS-ZE.

Do not make a deposit to their bank the majority of scammers use this method of deception. Payment for the goods should be made only after inspecting the engine and receiving a package of accompanying documents. We recommend using an escrow serivce. If the seller is a private person, enter into a contract of arbitrary form with him, but with the obligatory indication of identification data.

What determines the cost

The price is influenced by objective and subjective factors. 

Objective – the ability of the seller and the buyer to bargain. If the parties act honestly, then only the actual technical condition of the engine, its brand and the price of the new unit (subjective factors) affect the cost. Another effective advice on how to choose a used engine is to show your competence.

How to choose a used motor in auto disassembly

The first step is to check the company’s documents for the right to engage in this type of activity.  In the case of legal proceedings, nothing can be proved.

  • Make a visual inspection. Too clean engine – a reason to doubt its quality. The engine must have a working, but not dirty look.
  • Reputable companies at the request of the buyer can check the technical condition on a special stand. If they do not have their own, then the sellers will can go to a service station. The buyer will be given an inspection report, if you wish, you can attend in person.
  • Require a guarantee with company stamps and signatures of responsible persons. Be sure to keep the original payment documents.
  • By following these recommendations, on how to buy used engines, you can purchase a quality product. And when you find faults without problems, exchange it or get a refund.