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Basic tips to keep in mind before taking a car trip

If you want to make a road trip in the most pleasant and safe way, you should take into account the following suggestions:

  • Check the condition of your tires. Make sure they have the proper pressure and condition of the tread. Don’t forget the spare one.
  • It carries the most important additives. If you are going on a long trip, we recommend you bring a liter of extra engine oil and brake fluid.
  • Do a general brake check, measure exhaust, steering, suspension, battery charge and front end firmness.
  • Check that the windshield wipers and nibs work well . Rain can decrease your visibility behind the wheel.
  • Check the security accessories . Check the charge of the extinguisher, the state of all the lights, the emergency triangle, hydraulic jack, cross wrench. It is ideal to carry a complete first aid kit.
  • Remember to bring the most important documentation: the insurance policy, personal identification and car registration.
  • Do not abuse the roof of your vehicle . Never put too much weight on the ceiling; You can modify the center of gravity and change the aerodynamic conditions of the car.
  • Get ready . Wear comfortable clothes, do not forget to bring drinking water and some caps. Take the music that you like the most and that keeps you awake. It is also advisable to make a list of fuel, food, water, police and emergency supply points. Bring a car charger for your mobile phone.

The best accessories for your car

Our car is much more than a means of transportation. It is an active extension of our life and as such it must be conditioned to give us comfort, versatility and be as useful as possible. Below we bring you a list of accessories that can improve their performance:

Radar Warning

If you are concerned about having to pay traffic tickets, then you should put a radar warning on your car These devices have GPS technology and contain a database that stores the location of the radars . They are legal; but we suggest you check the laws of your country. Radar warnings issue sonic or light alerts to warn you when you approach a fixed or span radar .

>> Comparison of the best radars for cars on the market


Few accessories can be more useful to carry in your car than a GPS locator. These automated vehicle tracking (RVA) or automated vehicle location (AVL) devices allow you to know in real time the exact location of the car and have detailed maps and can give you suggestions on the most appropriate routes to quickly reach your destination. They are very useful in long trips and to circulate in unknown cities.

>> Comparison of the best car GPS on the market

Car camera

It is becoming increasingly popular to carry car cameras to take pictures or record videos and audio. They are very useful in presenting evidence for insurance claims. They can also function as a protection measure against theft and acts of vandalism. In some cases they have served to verify the innocence of its owner in accidents and infractions. In addition, you can use it to save souvenir videos of your family trips and for monitoring children in the back of the car.

>> Comparison of the best car cameras on the market

Car fridge

Car coolers are essential to properly transport and store food and medicine in your car. Its controlled temperature prevents heat from degrading your food during long trips. They are also very useful for deliverers of restaurants and pharmacies. Some models can produce heat in case you need to bring hot food. There are models with compressors, thermoelectric systems, hybrids, gas absorption with batteries, etc.

>> Comparison of the best car coolers on the market

Indoor Led Lights

The LED lights can not only serve as emergency lights or auxiliary lights inside your car; They can also be used as part of the decoration to give it a touch of personal style, illuminating the interior of your car with a wide range of colors. They can be used as individual bulbs to read during the night hours or in cars with weak or scant bulbs. They are inexpensive, consume very little power, and some models come with rechargeable batteries so they work even with the car turned off or completely without power.

>> Comparison of the best led car lights on the market


Ergonomics and comfort are one of the most important elements when driving a car, especially for those who need to drive for many hours at a time. It is also true that in many cars the armrests are small, uncomfortable or do not adapt to our particular needs. These accessory armrests have an adjustable system and are easily installed. Many models have internal compartments to store objects, bottles and documents.

>> Comparison of the best car armrests on the market

Belt Pad

It is well known the importance of always wearing a seat belt when driving; But it is also well known that in many cases they are usually uncomfortable and can cause irritation, itching or discomfort. For this purpose, special pads have been created to give greater comfort and safety to passengers, especially children. They are placed very easily since they have velcro closures and are washable.

>> Comparison of the best car belt pads on the market

Items needed to carry luggage

Increasingly, our cars have become multifunctional tools that make life easier for us in many ways. To increase and improve its storage and transport capacity, the following accessories have been created:

Luggage carrier

If you like to travel by road and need more space to carry your waxes, clothes and objects; you need an extra luggage rack for your car . They are easy to fit, practical, have a large capacity and are compatible with almost any type of car. They are ideal for tourism, going to the beach, camping, sporting events, outdoor concerts and much more.

>> Comparison of the best car luggage carriers on the market

Roof Bicycle Carrier

If you are a cycling fan or professional and you like to participate in competitions or take your bike everywhere to train, then we recommend a roof rack They are easy to install, take up very little space, are lightweight, inexpensive, and fit all types of cars and bikes. In addition, they have the advantage that they do not interfere with visibility when driving. They are ideal for small cars and weekend trips.

>> Comparison of the best rooftop bike racks on the market

Ball Bike Carriers

It is the most suitable alternative if you need to transport more than one bicycle. The rack ball allowed to carry in your car safely and comfortably up to 3 bikes. They are resistant and some models incorporate warning and driving lights. They are the best choice for competitors and cycling teams. They are also a great solution to take all the family’s bikes to the beach or the mountains.

>> Comparison of the best ball bike carriers on the market

Gate Bicycle Carriers

This type of bicycle carrier fits the doors of the car trunk without preventing you from opening or closing them at will. Depending on the model, you can carry 1 to 3 bikes safely. They are light and very resistant. Check the compatibility with your car. They are an incredible choice for amateur and professional cyclists who want to train or compete on all kinds of routes and natural or urban settings.

>> Comparison of the best gate bike racks on the market

Trunk Organizer

This type of bicycle carrier fits the doors of the car trunk without preventing you from opening or closing them at will. Depending on the model, you can carry 1 to 3 bikes safely. They are light and very resistant. Check the compatibility with your car. They are an incredible choice for amateur and professional cyclists who want to train or compete on all kinds of routes and natural or urban settings.

>> Comparison of the best boot organizers on the market

Seat Organizer

If you have young children you already know how difficult it can be to have everything they need on hand and well organized when you travel. A seat organizer makes it easy for you to safely and comfortably carry all the essential items: laptops, toys, water bottles, cell phones, books, magazines, Ipads, diapers, napkins, bottles, pillows, blankets and everything you can think of. . They are an alternative practice for long trips and are suitable for all ages.

>> Comparison of the best seat organizers on the market

Roof rack for car

They are the perfect extension to carry everything that does not fit in the trunk. They are installed in a jiffy, they are economical, light, resistant and adapt to all types of cars. These roof rails or roof racks allow you to take better advantage of the internal space of the car and you can secure in them objects as diverse as: trunks, bicycle racks, boxes, boats, kayaks, roof tents, etc. They are a convenient solution to go on sightseeing and camping trips.

>> Comparison of the best car roof racks on the market

Baca octopus

The octopus for roof racks or lashing straps are designed to ensure all kinds of objects both outside and inside of your car. They allow you to take full advantage of the load capacity of your vehicle and at the same time keep your objects safe. They are easy to store, inexpensive and come in different versions to suit your needs: elastic, with ratchet closures, rescue sling, etc.

>> Comparison of the best octopus for roof rack on the market

Ski rack

The ski racks to place on the roof racks of your car will allow you to safely transport your boards and sliders comfortably and safely. They are made of weather resistant materials, they are easy to fit, they are compatible with all types of cars and they can be loaded with skis of different sizes.

>> Comparison of the best car ski racks on the market

Radio and Video Accessories for an entertaining journey

There are different types of electronic accessories for you to stay connected and entertained during your trips and walks. Here are the most important ones:

FM transmitter

Place an effective and comfortable FM bluetooth transmitter to listen to music from your mobile phone, USB memory or SD card using your car’s audio system without having to make many changes, and to the radio that your car has integrated. They are inexpensive and install very easily in the lighter of your vehicle from which it draws its energy.

>> Comparison of the best car FM transmitters on the market

Car radio

Modern car radios far outperform older traditional models. In addition to capturing FM radio waves, they incorporate a Bluetooth function to receive hands-free calls and to play music from your smartphone. They are compatible with most cars and have a USB port for flash memory (pendrives). They support different sound formats and also have auxiliary inputs.

>> Comparison of the best car radios on the market

2 DIN car radio

They are sound and video reproducing devices for your car. They generally come with a high definition LCD touch screen. They have a built-in Bluetooth system to receive audio wirelessly from your cell phone. They can also pick up FM radio and are compatible with a large number of audio and video formats.

>> Comparison of the best 2 DIN car radios on the market

Car dvd

These car audio and video players have digital displays and can be powered from the car battery or have their own batteries for added versatility. They are compatible with various CD and DVD formats and can play various formats of images, music and video. They usually come equipped with USB ports, SD card ports, ports for video game controls, remote control, headphone output, auxiliary input, etc.

>> Comparison of the best car DVDs on the market

Mobile Support

They are the safest, most comfortable and cheapest way to carry and manipulate your smartphone while driving. They come in different presentations with different types of grips and sizes to adapt to all types of phones and to your particular taste and needs. Some have magnetic systems, others are ideal for attaching to the windshield or can be attached to the dash of the car.

>> Comparison of the best car mobile mounts on the market

Tablet holder

These devices are designed to allow you to use your tablet in the most comfortable and safe way while traveling. Seat-lock models are available, ideal for rear-seat passengers to watch their favorite movies or enjoy their favorite video game. There are also models to fix to the dashboard of the car so that the driver or co-pilot can manipulate their tablet or Ipad in complete safety. Most models receive equipment from 5.5 to 13 inches.

>> Comparison of the best car tablet mounts on the market

Protect your car with these anti-theft accessories

The safety of your car is paramount. So that you can go everywhere and feel that your car is always well protected, we recommend the following equipment:

Emergency light

The emergency lights car are one of the items security should never miss in your vehicle. These powerful LED bulbs can serve as warning lights when you experience a malfunction and have to stop on the side of the road. It can also serve as an auxiliary light to check the engine or to

>> Comparison of the best car emergency lights on the market

GPS locator

Also called trackers, these locators with GPS system will let you know where your car is in real time 24 hours a day. It can also be used to track the location of your luggage and your children’s daily activity. They are suitable for all types of vehicles and can be synchronized with smart devices (such as your cell phone) to see the exact positioning of your car or suitcase. They are small, light, they hide easily and they are very cheap.

>> Comparison of the best GPS locators for cars on the market

Anti-theft device

The burglar poles serve to lock the steering wheel of your car and prevent unauthorized persons or criminals can handle it . They are one of the oldest anti-theft devices but they are still very effective. They are easily placed, they do not require any type of modification in your car, they adapt to any type of steering wheel and they are relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of security systems.

>> Comparison of the best anti-theft devices on the market

Anti-theft trailer

These devices have been designed to prevent someone from unhooking your trailer without your consent. They can be applied to both the hitch system itself and the trailer wheels. They are very cheap and easy to install. They do not require special modifications and come in various models for all types of hitch.

>> Comparison of the best car trailer anti-theft devices on the market

Extras and accessories for better parking

Parking your car, especially in narrow places or in cities with vehicle congestion problems can be a difficult and cumbersome task. Here we bring you a list of accessories that can facilitate that task:

Column Protector

The guards columns are accessories that are installed in all structures (straight or circular) that are likely to receive vehicle impacts. They are easily installed, are very economical and provide safety for both the car and the column or wall covering, reducing damage in the event of a crash or scratches. They are stamped with safety stripes.

>> Comparison of the best car column protectors on the market

Parking Sensors

If you are the type of person who finds it difficult to park your car or frequently must park in very tight spots, then you need a radar system with parking sensors . These ingenious gadgets emit a warning beep based on your car’s distance from nearby objects. Some models also display distance data. They are easily installed in all types of cars, they are weather resistant and are quite inexpensive.

>> Comparison of the best car parking sensors on the market

Parking Barrier

The parking barriers have a dual function: they serve as devices to restrict access of vehicles to certain places and the same time, can act as anti – theft elements. They are folding, easy to handle and have very affordable prices. They are very useful in private parking lots, garages, hotels, hospitals, etc.

>> Comparison of the best car parking barriers on the market

Car accessories for pregnant women and children

While driving safety and comfort is everyone’s business, but it is especially important for pregnant women and children. Here we bring you a list of car accessories for them:

Safety Belt for Pregnant Women

Although they are essential for safety when driving, conventional seat belts can cause damage and injury to pregnant women and the unborn baby. The seat belts for pregnant women are designed to reduce the pressure of the belt on the abdomen of women in pregnancy when braking and impacts.

>> Comparison of the best pregnant safety belts on the market

Baby Car Mirror

Every parent knows how difficult it is to drive while trying to see what the baby is doing in the back seat. It is not only uncomfortable, but represents a serious shock hazard. To correct this problem, these baby car mirrors have been created , so that you can keep an eye on your little one without having to risk the safety of both. In addition, the baby will also be able to see you and will feel more accompanied. They are inexpensive and easy to install.

>> Comparison of the best baby car mirrors on the market


These supplementary saddles or boosters allow children to be more comfortable and make it easier for the little ones in the house to reach the optimal position for the seat belt placement. They are removable, washable and come in rubber or inflatable versions.

>> Comparison of the best car lifters on the market

The best pet car accessories

Our beloved pets deserve a special place in our car. For them there is a wide range of accessories in order to keep them safe and comfortable while traveling:

Dog Car Cover

How to transport our pet without dirtying or damaging the car seats! Here is the perfect solution: a special pet car cover . It will not only protect the upholstery of your car, but will also make your pet safer and more comfortable. They can be placed quickly and easily, are washable and made of resistant materials.

>> Comparison of the best dog car covers on the market

Dog Trunk Cover

One of the main challenges when taking our pets for a walk is to give them comfort, safety and at the same time prevent them from dirtying or damaging the upholstery of the car. For this reason, these pet trunk covers have been created , in order to cover the seats or the luggage rack of your car, providing comfort and a feeling of stability to your dog.

>> Comparison of the best dog boot covers on the market

Dog Car Belt

To increase and facilitate the safety of your pet when driving, these practical dog seat belts have been created . It consists of a conventional leash that can be adjusted at one end to the collar of your pet and at the other, to the closure of the car seat belt. This will prevent your dog from jumping around the car or being injured in the event of an accident.

>> Comparison of the best dog car belts on the market

Dog Car Grilles

If you have a very playful, nervous or restless pet, you know how difficult it is to take it in the car without it trying to jump all over the cabin or go driving with you. The dog car grilles prevent your animal from moving to the front seat, avoiding potential accidents and unpleasant moments. They can be easily installed in the trunk or in the back seat. They come in rigid or mesh models. Their prices can vary quite a bit.

>> Comparison of the best dog car grilles on the market


How to keep your car careful and always ready

Your vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, is a tool that makes your life easier and helps you save time and money. So that you can enjoy it for a long time we bring you the following tips:

Basic tips to take care of your motorcycle

    • Periodically check tire pressure and condition . Observe the manufacturer’s instructions. Measurements should always be done cold since hot air increases their pressure. Worn or flat tires can cause an accident.
    • Check the status of the lights weekly, both front and rear and flashing.
    • Check the brakes. If they are disc, look at the liquid level in the tanks and check if the circuit has any loss and the state of the pads. If you have drum brakes, regulate the cable tension appropriately.
    • Check if the chain is worn or stretched and if it is sufficiently greased.
    • Check the oil level. Always use the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer. The quantity must be adequate, must never exceed the maximum indicated. If you are consuming a lot of oil you should take it immediately to the expert.
    • Check the condition of the battery: the level of liquid and charge.
    • Keep it clean. On a motorcycle it is easier to detect and you will look better when riding on it.

Tools and Parts for your Car

Keeping your car in tune requires constant overhaul, replacing worn parts, and supplying worn or aged additives. Here is a list of the most important points to keep in mind:


The main function of the oil is to lubricate the moving components of the engine to reduce friction and wear. It is also responsible for cleaning, preventing corrosion and reducing engine temperature. Never skimp on buying the best brands.

>> Comparison of the best car oils on the market

Battery Starter

We all have ever been injured due to a discharged battery. To prevent this type of incident, you should always carry a battery starter in your boot . Some models also recharge phones, tablets, computers, emergency lights and all kinds of devices through its USB port or AC or DC outlets.

>> Comparison of the best car battery starters on the market

Oil filter

The oil filter keeps the lubrication system of your car free of impurities to extend the life of the engine. It is one of the basic elements for the proper functioning of the engine. They are very cheap, so don’t think about it too much to change them whenever necessary.

>> Comparison of the best car oil filters on the market

Air filter

It has the important function of filtering the air that enters a motor, retaining impurities to prevent them from reaching the intake circuit of any motor, preventing contamination of the combustion chamber and deterioration of the cylinder walls. Check your air filter regularly and change it as soon as you notice it is damaged or clogged.

>> Comparison of the best car air filters on the market

Impact Wrenches

The key impact ( impact wrenches, pneumatic torque wrench or gun) power tools are designed to tighten or loosen nuts providing high torque power without the user having to make much effort. They are ideal for disassembling and mounting tires in a short time and easily. They can work with direct connection to the car battery, with their own batteries or connected to the electrical network.

>> Comparison of the best impact wrenches for cars on the market

Hydraulic jack

The presence of a “cat” in a car is so important that in some countries it is required by law. This serves to raise the car in order to change the tires or make repairs. It can be mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic. The latter are usually the most reliable and comfortable to carry and use.

>> Comparison of the best car jacks on the market

Infrared thermometer

Also called “infrared pyrometers ,  these devices can measure one’s temperature through the thermal radiation they produce. They are very accurate and can be of great help in determining the temperature in various areas of the car, either to verify its operation or before making repairs. You just need to aim the gun to make the measurement. They are also useful in the kitchen and in all kinds of household chores.

>> Comparison of the best infrared car thermometers on the market

Diagnosis Machine

The machines diagnosis are electronic tools to analyze the state of the car thoroughly, detecting quickly and accurately faults. They are compatible with a large number of makes and models. They can offer I / M monitor status readings and displays, engine diagnostics, freeze frame data, Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) and more, always in real time. They are very useful in workshops and for individuals.

>> Comparison of the best car diagnostic machines on the market

Workshop lantern

They should not be missing at home or in your car. A good inspection lamp or rechargeable workshop flashlight can get you out of a lot of trouble. They have LED bulbs and batteries that can be charged by connecting it to a power source through USB and micro USB connections. They are ideal for outdoor activities, self defense, workshops, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and light as an emergency light.

>> Comparison of the best car workshop headlights on the market

Inspection Camera

If you need to have a clear view of hard-to-reach places, then you need a  digital inspection camera , also known as endoscopes or borescopes . Some models bring their own screen while others are compatible with tablets, PCs or smartphones that serve as monitors and image storage devices at the same time. They are great for checking household plumbing and car maintenance.

>> Comparison of the best car inspection cameras on the market

Dynamometric Wrenches

The torque wrenches , also called torque wrenches or torque wrench , tighten using hand tools and devices are threaded elements with precise torque recommended by the manufacturer to avoid surges and deformations of parts. It is one of the accessories that you cannot miss in a well-equipped workshop.

>> Comparison of the best torque wrenches on the market

Tire Repair Kit

Every car owner sooner or later will have to face a flat tire. The kits tire repair will allow you to solve, quickly and easily, small holes and tears. They can be used on cars, motorcycles, tractors, lawn mowers, trailers, trucks, bicycles and for you to count. They include all the necessary tools, patches and valves.

>> Comparison of the best tire repair kits on the market


The riveters are mechanical tools used for placing rivets in both industrial or domestic sphere. They come with nozzles for different sizes of rivets and can be used for repairs, modifications and adaptations of equipment in our car. Do not stop buying yours.

>> Comparison of the best car riveting machines on the market

Mechanical Easel

The mechanical trestles or borriquetas car serve to lift and hold heavy loads. They are the ideal complement for your hydraulic jack. They are practical, comfortable, easy to use and safe. Their size varies depending on the amount of maximum load they support. They are one of the basic tools in any amateur or professional automotive workshop.

>> Comparison of the best mechanical car stands on the market

Wheel wrench

Also known as a cross wrench or cross wrench , they are tools used to tighten or loosen the bolts that hold the tires of various types of vehicles. It comes equipped with different jaws for different sizes of nuts or bolts. You can not miss a good wheel wrench in your trunk.

>> Comparison of the best car wheel wrenches on the market

Brake Piston Repositioner

In a good mechanical workshop, whether professional or hobbyist, you cannot miss a kit to reposition brake pistons . They are used to change brake discs, brake shoes and brake pads. They come with all the parts and tools so you can do a smooth and efficient job. They are compatible with a large number of brands and models.

>> Comparison of the best brake piston repositioners on the market

Battery charger

It is one of the tools that should never be missing in the trunk of your car. The battery chargers can measure battery charge (6V or 12V) of your car and recharge it if necessary. They have various charging modes and can be used in all types of cars. They are small, portable, cheap, safe and optimize the use of your battery and extend its useful life.

>> Comparison of the best car battery chargers on the market


The antifreezes are formulated to control the temperature changes to prevent fluid cooling system evaporate or freeze irreversibly damaging your engine. They are essential in very cold environments or during the winter season. Using antifreeze additives in your car can avoid many inconveniences and can save you a lot of money.

>> Comparison of the best car antifreeze on the market

H7 bulb

If you want to enjoy excellent night vision while driving in dark places or during the night hours, we recommend the use of H7 LED bulbs for the headlights of your car. They produce powerful light averaging 5000 lumens with a color temperature of around 6000k (white light) to give you a totally accurate view of colors. They have a 360 degree light radiation angle and are IP68 waterproof to make them resistant to water and dust. They are suitable for all types of routes, environmental conditions and can be placed on all types of cars.

>> Comparison of the best H7 car bulbs on the market

Injector Cleaner

The liquid for cleaning injectors also lubricates the injectors and fuel pump both petrol and diesel engines. Its use ensures the restoration of injection patterns and improves fuel atomization. In addition, it guarantees a stable idle, avoids acceleration problems and improves engine performance.

>> Comparison of the best car injector cleaners on the market

Tow Wheel

Jockey wheel allows you to support and transport the front of your trailer when it is not attached to the car. Makes hooking and unhooking easier. They are very easy to install, they are resistant and they are very affordable. They can be adapted to all types of trailers since they have a universal design. It is recommended to always have a spare wheel on hand when traveling with your trailer.

>> Comparison of the best car trailer wheels on the market

Air compressor

The compressors small, portable or shop air not only can take you out of trouble when you deflate the tire of your car, motorcycle or bicycle; You can also use it in a multitude of other tasks such as inflating balls, swimming pools and inflatable mattresses, using paint guns and airbrushes, blowing and cleaning appliances, using pneumatic tools and much more. There are models in different sizes, with batteries, connectors to the cigarette lighter of the car and with connection to the electrical network; so you can always find the ideal model for you.

>> Comparison of the best car air compressors on the market

Wiper washer

One of the most important factors when driving is having a clear vision of the road. The brushes to clean your windshield should always be in optimal condition at all times, especially in rainy seasons, during snowfall, in very dusty places or if you like adventure tourism in your car. It is also highly recommended to bring special liquid to clean windshields and special tools to rinse your windows . You will not spend and you can enjoy a safe trip while enjoying the scenery.

>> Comparison of the best car windscreen wipers on the market


These handy little gadgets allow you to accurately and quickly measure your car tire pressure. The correct amount of air will allow your tires to increase their useful life, guarantee safe driving and you can adapt it according to the type of soil you are driving for more or less grip. It is an essential tool in your car, home or workshop.

>> Comparison of the best car pressure gauges on the market

Oil extractor pump

Keeping your car’s engine in optimal conditions requires taking care of the quality of the oil. An oil extractor pump will allow you to easily, quickly and completely drain old, damaged or contaminated oil from your vehicle so that it does not mix with the new oil when changing it. They are small, they work automatically and for a very modest price they save you a lot of time, money and headaches.

>> Comparison of the best car oil extraction pumps on the market


Products to keep your car like the first day

The look of your car largely reflects your personality. A well-kept and neat car can be an excellent cover letter. So that your car always looks like it has just been taken from the agency, we recommend the following products:

Wheel cleaner

The wheel cleaning formulas allow you are designed for the care and cleaning of tires of all kinds. With them you can easily and effectively remove the carbon from the brakes, dust, mud, oil and other types of dirt. In addition, it prevents dirt from sticking again and rescues the original color and shine of the tires. It can also be used on dashboards, plastics, vinyl, leather, and tires.

>> Comparison of the best car tire cleaners on the market


Do you like to show off professional quality polishing in your car! You no longer have to pay extra money to make your car look flawless. The electric polishing machines guarantee an optimal finish without damaging the paint in a fraction of the time and effort that you would spend doing it by hand. They come in sizes and prices suitable for all kinds of needs and budgets. Do not stop buying yours.

>> Comparison of the best car polishers on the market


A good polish will not only give your car a shiny and elegant look, it also protects the paint against the action of UV rays and aggressive chemical substances, prevents dirt from adhering, protects the brassware against corrosion and they come in all kinds of presentations (liquids, creams, etc.). In addition, it can hide scratches and scratches.

>> Comparison of the best car polishes on the market

Headlight Polisher

The good lighting of your headlights can be compromised by the deterioration of the protective cover due to micro scratches and dirt that tarnish its transparency. Buying a headlight polishing kit will allow you to rescue its translucency from without having to pay high prices to a professional.

>> Comparison of the best car headlight polishers on the market

Car wax

The waxes car protect the vehicle paint against environmental elements, dirt and pollution which may deteriorate, such as humidity, bird droppings, UV rays, smog and other factors. They are inexpensive and easy to apply. They come in liquid and paste presentations.

>> Comparison of the best car waxes on the market

Scratch repair

The rapadores scratch cloths are designed with nanotechnology to hide and erase minor scratches that disfigure the paint of your car. They also remove rust and very sticky dirt protecting your brassware against the action of aggressive substances. It is recommended to use them in conjunction with a good scratch repair polish.

>> Comparison of the best car scratch repairers on the market

Upholstery Cleaner

There are various devices and cosmetics that will help you keep your car upholstery looking like new. This is not only an aesthetic issue, but will also help extend the life of your upholstery, eliminate unpleasant odors and optimize hygiene throughout the interior of the car.

>> Comparison of the best car upholstery cleaners on the market

Dashboard cleaner

They are useful products to remove dust, grease and dirt from your dashboards without damaging or deteriorating them, providing a pleasant aroma. You can use it both on the outside and inside and they are very easy to apply. The best dash cleaners are environmentally friendly and anti-allergic.

>> Comparison of the best car dashboards on the market

Leather Restorer

If you want to give your leather upholstery that fresh, freshly purchased look and scent your car, then we recommend using a leather restorer . These products are applied in a very simple way, they do not leave traces and they do not stain your clothes. They can also be used in shoes, belts, fur jackets, sofas, bags, horse harness and more. It usually comes in a liquid balm form.

>> Comparison of the best leather car restorers on the market

Car Air Freshener

Traveling in a pleasantly scented car is a pleasant and relaxing experience. Car air fresheners allow you to give a distinguished and fresh touch to your vehicle for your pleasure and that of your companions. You just have to place them, open them and regulate the amount of aroma you want. You can also use them in closets, bathrooms, shoe racks, etc. They are discreet and inexpensive.

>> Comparison of the best car air fresheners on the market

Gear lever knob

A new gear lever knob for your car can give it a personalized and modern touch. They are made of wear-resistant materials, come with different shift diagrams, can be used on trigger and non-trigger levers, and install in seconds.

>> Comparison of the best gearshift knobs on the market

Door protector

Putting a good protective tape on doors prevents scratches, improves the tightness of your car against dust and moisture, reduces vibrations and annoying sounds, leaks the air conditioning out and gives a special aesthetic touch to your car. They are designed in weather resistant materials, you can install them yourself in minutes, they are economical and they come in different models and sizes to adapt them to all types of doors.

>> Comparison of the best car door protectors on the market

Gear lever cover

You can personalize and beautify the interior of your car by attaching a cover to your gear lever. Not only do they have an aesthetic function, but they also protect the mechanisms from dust and humidity. Installs instantly on any type of lever and is built to last.

>> Comparison of the best gear lever covers on the market

Car Cover

The simplest and cheapest solution to protect your car from inclement weather and cuts, scratches and scratches is to cover it with a car cover. They not only protect paint and copperware from UV rays, moisture, and dirt; also take care of the interior so that heat and light do not harm your upholstery. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, are very affordable, and can be set up in minutes.

>> Comparison of the best car covers on the market

Car mat

One of the simplest and cheapest accessories but at the same time most important to keep your car in good condition are the floor mats . They prevent the upholstery and carpets that come built-in from being dirtied and worn out unnecessarily by continuous contact with our shoes, rain or accidental spills. They are generally made of non-slip, resistant and washable materials . They are easy to put on and take off. They come in different models, sizes and colors to suit your taste and your car.

>> Comparison of the best car mats on the market

Seat covers

Keeping the upholstery of your seats in good condition is very simple: you just have to put a protective cover on them to protect them from liquid spills, food debris, scratches from children or pets, dust, rain and all kinds of agents that can deteriorate them. These seat covers are easy to fit, cost very little, and are washable. They are designed in a wide range of models, sizes and colors to make them useful for all types of cars.

>> Comparison of the best car seat covers on the market

Steering wheel cover

The sleeves or covers for the steering wheel protect against harmful UV rays, moisture and constant friction exerted hands. They come in “universal” size so you can use them in all kinds of cars. The steering wheel covers also improve grip, give you a more pleasant feeling when driving and come in a wide spectrum of colors and designs for you to choose one of your style.

>> Comparison of the best car steering wheels on the market


What do you need if you are traveling in winter by car

If you need to drive on roads covered with snow, frost or ice, these are the accessories that should not be missing in your car:

Steel Snow Chains

Snow, ice, mud and sand can dramatically reduce the traction and braking of your car; causing serious accidents. To alleviate this problem it is necessary to put steel snow chains on your tires. Available for a wide variety of tires, they are easy to install. The price range can vary quite a bit.

>> Comparison of the best steel snow chains on the market

Textile Snow Chains

They serve the same function as steel snow chains but are easier to fit, take up very little space, are lighter in weight, transmit less vibration when driving and do not damage the tire. They also do not affect stability control, traction or ABS brakes. They are washable. However, textile snow chains can be slightly more expensive, last less, and provide less traction than steel chains .

>> Comparison of the best textile snow chains on the market

Ice Scraper

Removing snow from the windshield or tires can be heavy and cumbersome work without the right tools. The ice scrapers do their job efficiently and with little effort. They are very economical and have a long service life. If you live you do not want winter to spoil your walks and trips you must always have one on hand in your car.

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