Engine 1.4L VIN B 8th Digit Opt Luv Fits 16-19 ENCORE 907929



Welcome to our eBay Store! Engine 1.4L VIN B 8th Digit Opt Luv Fits 16-19 ENCORE 907929 Description–> Description Donor Vehicle VIN: KL4CJESB0GB587573 Model: ENCORE Year: 2016 Mileage: 79000 (0 = not to be had or unknown) Stock Number: 6ZG305 Store Number: 2 Part Detail Part Grade: B Part Category: U Part Placement: Notes: 79,000 MILES COMPLETE WITH TURBO This part will fit these makes and models with these options TRAX 16 (1.4L, VIN B, 8th digit) SONIC 16 1.4L (VIN B, 8th digit, opt LUV) ENCORE 16-19 (1.4L), VIN B ( 8th digit, opt LUV ) SONIC 17-18 1.4L ( VIN B, 8th digit, opt LUV ) TRAX 17-18 (1.4L, VIN B, 8th digit, opt LUV) –> WARRANTY / GUARANTEE –> When you’ve got a problem with the part, changed your mind or the part does not fit, and wish to return it please make a choice “I CHANGED MY MIND” as your return reason. Since we offer free returns You are going to not be liable for return shipping. Once you do this a label shall be provided to you to go back your item. All parts are covered by our 100 Day Money Back Guarantee. Engine Installation Procedures Prior to installation of your used engine we require these steps be taken for warranty to be valid. Also please note whilst engines may come with accessories these aren’t covered under any warranty. Engines are guaranteed against knocking and over the top smoking. Warranty is void if engines heat tab is melted or got rid of.  Pre-Installation Requirements: Drain and replace engine oils to manufacture suggested levels. Replace oil, air and fuel filters. Replace valve cover gaskets. Replace oil pan gasket and rear main seal. If needed replace timing gears, chains or belts & gaskets. Replace thermostat & gasket. Flush cooling system and re-fill. Install new spark plugs & wires. Install new belts and hoses. Failure to offer proof any of these steps were not taken may void warranty.  Transmission Installation Procedures Prior to installation of your used transmission we require these steps be taken for warranty to be valid. Failure to offer proof these steps were taken will void any warranty. Pre-Installation requirements: Replace all seals. Install new filter kit. Flush and investigate cross-check cooling lines. Align and engage torque converter into front pump. Fill trans with manufacture specified fluid. Clear all transmission computer codes prior to starting or operating vehicle. Adjust throttle position sensor cable. Please be mindful you may wish to flash the transmissions computer to restore the quality and return the replacement trans to spec. Occasionally this can only by done by the dealer or a certified mechanic. Please find out if you wish to have to do that prior to installation so you’ll be able to find out the price of that.    –> SHIPPING NOTES ABOUT US HELP For items shipped by means of LTL Freight. Our freight carrier requires a commercial business address with a loading dock or forklift to unload the truck. Most of our customers make a selection to ship right away to the shop that may be installing their part so long as this can be a commercial business address. If you can’t provide a commercial business address, we will deliver this part to a freight terminal in your pickup at no additional charge. Please contact us first in order that we will provide the location of your closest freight terminal.  For small items we ship they’re going to ship with UPS or USPS with live tracking information. You are going to receive an email with tracking information as soon as your part ships. Please allow 1-5 business days in your part to arrive. Stadium Auto Parts – Celebrating our 70th Anniversary Stadium Auto Parts Inc., Colorado’s leader in the automotive recycling industry, celebrates 70 years of business in 2015. Stadium used to be founded in 1945 and continues to serve its customers in the Denver area. Our founder, Hyman Wright , started the business in 1945, operating out of a single garage situated at 1742 Federal Blvd. His commitment to growth and service used to be apparent from the beginning, expanding his facility with additional new buildings and infrastructures. His son, Norman, took over the business in 1971, after graduating from the University of Colorado with a business degree. The business continued to grow and expand and is right now known across the world as some of the finest auto recycling facilities. In 1974, an additional location used to be added, Westminster Auto Parts Inc., concentrating at the growing import automotive markets. Stadium currently employs nearly 30 employees and is considered the leader in the automotive recycling industry in all of the rocky mountain area. Stadium Auto Parts is proud to be a part of the Denver community over the last 70 years. As the leader in their industry, this up to date, efficient company looks forward to the way forward for recycling and providing their customers with quality product at cost saving prices. Stadium Auto Parts offers quality late-model domestic and foreign used auto parts. We are a member of the Premium Recycled Parts (PRP) group, in addition to the United Recyclers Group (URG) which guarantees clean, well-inspected, insurance quality auto parts. We are also a member of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), which Norman served as President of the association in 1998. We are also the only CAR Certified and Gold Seal Recycler in Colorado! Stadium Auto Parts makes a speciality of late-model Domestic and Import autos. 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