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F22C1 Engine For Sale

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    Infrequently, your engine will let out a high decibel groan and you understand it is time to be proactive. And infrequently engines provide us with no forewarning at all right before give in: just pulverized pistons and valves. Purchase second hand Honda engines from a country wide network of vehicle dismantlers and engine importers offering up to a two-year warranty on qualifying engines and transmissions! Apart from used Honda motors for all sale we also present you with a large supply used Honda parts. If you need to uncover the highest-quality used engines and transmissions, you may submit an enquiry from this page.

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    More Info On F22C1 Engine

    About The F Series Engines

    Serial production of the F20 family engines began in 1989, initially for the Accord and Ascot models. In these powertrains, engineers at Honda Motor Co., Ltd. decided to use an open aluminum BC with a height of 219.5 mm. All 16 valves on the F20A / B / B6 / C range are driven by either one (SOHC) or two (DOHC) camshafts. The primary advantages of the F20 series power units are, perhaps, a good torque indicator and excellent acceleration dynamics for a two-shaft motor. As for single-shaft engines, we can say that they had the only plus and were great for large and "heavy" cars at one time. Power plants F20A / B / B6 / C are part of a large family of "F-motors" and have analogs among F18, F22, and F23, only with different nominal volumes. Another related series of engines from the "H" family (H22 and H23), produced in parallel with the representatives of the F20 line, is also very close to them from a technical point of view. Almost all F20 engines were discontinued in 2001 when the K20A replaced them. Modification F20 - F20C, delayed on the assembly line of the Honda company until 2009. Since the power plants of the entire series are structurally similar but differ in the degree of force, maximum power, and some other characteristics, we will consider them separately.

    F22B / F22C ENGINE

    Engines Honda F22B (F22C) - 4-cylinder gasoline engines with 16 valves. Like all units of the F series, these internal combustion engines turned out to be worthy "workhorses" of the brand for a car with solid dimensions. The F22B has a working volume of 2156 cubic centimeters. Power type - injection. The gas distribution system is carried out according to the SOHC scheme - and, in the case of this unit, without the VTEC innovation from Honda. This configuration has a single camshaft located at the top of the cylinder head.


    Production Honda motor company
    Engine brand F22
    Years of release 1991-2009
    Cylinder block material aluminum
    Supply system injector
    Type of inline
    Number of cylinders 4
    Valves per cylinder 4
    Piston stroke, mm 95 90.7 (F22C)
    Cylinder diameter, mm 85 87 (F22C)
    Compression ratio 8.8 9.3 9.8 11.1
    Engine displacement, cubic cm 2156 2157 (F22C)
    Engine power, hp / rpm 125/5200 130/5200 130/5300 135/5200 140/5600 145/5500 150/5900 160/6000 240/7800
    Torque, Nm / rpm 186/4000 193/4000 188/4200 193/4500 193/4500 199/4500 198/5000 201/5000 220/7000
    Fuel 95-98
    Environmental standards -
    Engine weight, kg 145 (F22A)
    Fuel consumption, l / 100 km - city - highway - mixed. 11.7 6.8 8.5
    Oil consumption, gr. / 1000 km up to 500
    Engine oil 5W-20 / 5W-30 / 5W-40 / 10W-30 / 10W-40 / 10W-50 / 15W-40 / 15W-50 / 20W-20 / 0W-40 (S2000) / 5W-30 (S2000) / 5W-40 (S2000) / 5W-50 (S2000) / 10W-30 (S2000)
    How much oil is in the engine, l 3.8 4.8 (S2000)
    Oil change is carried out, km 10000 (better than 5000)
    Engine operating temperature, deg. 90-95
    Engine resource, thousand km - according to plant data - in practice - 300+

    Honda F22 engine modifications

    1. F22A1 - engine for Accord and Prelude, compression ratio 8.8. Power 125 HP at 5200 rpm for the Accord and at 10 hp. more for the American Prelude, which is achieved by adjusting the control unit.
    2. F22A3 / F22A7 - version for the European market, compression ratio 9.8, camshafts from F22A6, exhaust from F22A4, power 150 hp. at 5900 rpm.
    3. F22A4 - analogue of F22A1 with a different exhaust, power 130 hp. at 5200 rpm.
    4. F22A6 - analogous to F22A1, but with a different intake, exhaust, camshaft and the corresponding setting of the control unit. Power increased to 140 hp. at 5600 rpm.
    5. F22A9 is an analogue of F22A6 for Australia.
    6. F22B is an analogue of F22A and H23A, but with a twin-shaft cylinder head and a compression ratio of 9.3. These DOHC motors develop 160 horsepower. at 6000 rpm.
    7. The F22B1 is similar to the F22A, but the heads of these engines are equipped with a VTEC system tuned for fuel economy.
    8. The F22C1 is the top-end version of the F22 motor, which is described at the beginning of the article.

    F22 Engine Repair Parts List

    Full name of the part Part code
    Oil scraper cap inlet Honda color code "white" (12210-P45-G01) Elring 130.560
    Oil scraper cap 130.860
    Valve seals (130.860 + 130.560) 084.300
    Stuffing box NJ353
    Main bearing shells Honda F20A / F22B / H23A Taiho M459H-STD
    Main bearing shells Honda F20A / F22B / H23A Taiho R458H-STD
    Spark plug DOUBLE COPPER (RC9MCC4) Champion OE089 / T10
    Main bearing shells Honda F18 / F20 / F22, H22A 16V 93- NDC MS-2213GP STD
    Half rings persistent Honda F20A / F22B / H23A Taiho T459A-STD
    Semi-rings persistent TW-2213A STD
    Valve V91730
    Valve inlet Honda D13 / 15/16 5.5x25x118.8 UM 16-VX173
    Valve inlet Honda D12-D16 5.5x29x115 (14711-PM3-000) Rocky HMA1000
    Valve guide bush VAG92397
    Valve guide bush VAG96221
    Water pump 50,005,080
    Connecting rod bushings CB-2213GP STD
    Piston without rings Honda F22A d85.0 STD (13101-PT3-A01) Teikin 38651 STD
    Piston without rings Honda F22A d85.0 + 0.50 (13101-PT3-A01) Teikin 38651 0.50
    Piston without rings Honda F22A d85.0 + 1.00 (13101-PT3-A01) Teikin 38651 1.00
    Rings piston Honda F22A d85.0 STD 1.2-1.2-2.8 (13011-PT4-X01) 4cyl.TP 32378-STD
    Valve V94571
    1989 Honda F20A / F22A Full Gasket Set (061A1-PT3-000 +) Eristic EF6090
    Gasket Set, cylinder head 02-52695-01
    Upper gasket set DS700
    Bottom set of gaskets ES700
    Head gasket BS700
    Gasket, cylinder head 61-52695-00
    Gasket, oil pan 71-52663-00
    Pallet gasket JJ417
    Valve cover gasket JN755
    Valve cover gasket 15-52664-01
    Gasket, intake manifold 70-52661-00
    Gasket, exhaust manifold 70-52662-00
    Manifold gasket JC883
    Manifold gasket JC885
    Stuffing box PA425
    Stuffing box PA969
    Stuffing box PA970
    Timing belt included CT 799 K1
    Timing belt 112 × 240 Honda Contitech CT1001
    Timing belt 113 × 240 Honda Contitech CT 799
    Timing belt 70 × 160 Honda Accord 2.0-2.2 16V Contitech CT 800
    Timing repair kit CT1001K1
    Timing drive repair kit CT 800 K1
    Oil filter h = 103.0 Honda KS Original / 10 50,013 146
    Rings piston Honda F20A / F20B / F22B d85.0 STD 1.2-1.2-3.0 for 4 cyl. TP 32380-STD
    Exhaust manifold gasket JD5749
    Exhaust manifold gasket JD5749
    Fuel filter Honda Accord 1.8i-2.2i 16V, Civic 1.5i-1.8i 16V KS 50,013,824
    V-ribbed belt 6 PK 1054
    Inlet valve 14711-PDA-E00
    Exhaust valve 14721-PDA-E00
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