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    Looking a used FormulaShell W 20 50 (SN) Conventional Motor Oil – Case of 12 (1 qt) for sale?

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    FORMULASHELL CONVENTIONAL MOTOR OIL is designed to increase fuel economy while still providing the engine protection and performance that contemporary engines need. It may be mixed with both natural and synthetic oils. It meets or surpasses all automotive and light truck warranty standards for gasoline and turbocharged engines that call for API SN oil. Always use the viscosity grade and API Service Category recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.FORMULASHELL CONVENTIONAL MOTOR OIL meets or exceeds: North American warranty requirements for U.S., European, and Japanese cars, light trucks, small power equipment, generators, and off-road equipment with gasoline and gasoline turbo-charged engines where API SN, SM, SL, SJ, and other oils are used. Protection from dangerous deposits and acids, resulting in a cleaner, longer-lasting engine. It may be used at any point throughout the life of an engine and is completely compatible with standard engine oils.