GT1646V Turbo For Audi A3 Skoda Superb Seat 1.9 TDI 54399700019

A turbocharger (generally known as turbo), serves as a turbine-driven forced induction unit that will heightens an engine’s effectiveness and power output by pushing extra air in the combustion chamber. The key distinction between a turbo along with a typical supercharger is precisely that the turbo is powered by a turbine driven through the engine’s exhaust fumes. A turbo features a compressor, a turbine, a cartridge plus an exhaust valve. Used Engine Finder supplies Audi turbo kits to enhance all round engine power of your favorite motor vehicle.

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Part Number: 751851-5004S, 751851-9004S, 751851-5003S

54399700009; 54399880009; 5439 988 0022;

54399700011; 54399880011; 5439 970 0022;

54399700020; 54399880020; 5439 988 0011;

54399700022; 54399880022; ,54399880082;

54399700097; 54399880097; 54399700082 ;

5439-970-0009; 5439-988-0009; 751851-5001S;

5439-970-0011; 5439-988-0011;751851-5004;

5439-970-0020; 5439-988-0020

5439-970-0022; 5439-988-0022

5439-970-0097; 5439-988-0097

751851-1 751851-2 751851-3

03G253014F 03G253014FX 03G253014FV,

038253056G 038253056GX 038253056GV

038253016K, 038253016KX 038253016KV

038253016R, 038253016RX 038253016RV

038253014G, 038253014GX 038253014GV

038253010D, 038253010DX 038253010DV

038253010P, 038253010PX 038253010PV

038253056E 038253056EX, 038253056EV

038253056L 038253056LX 038253056LV,

038253056J 038253056JX 038253056JV,

Bearing Type: Journal Bearing

Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture

Warranty: 2 years warranty

Condition: 100% Brand New

Turbo Model: GT1646V GT1646MV Turbocharger Turbo