GT30 GT3037 GT3076 Turbo charger 500HP 0.82 A/R + Oil Drain Return FEED Line kit

Perfect for all 6 / 8 cyl 3.0L-5.0L engine

Horse Power: Boost Horse Power up to 500BHP

Cooling Type: Water + Oil


A turbocharger (generally known as turbo), serves as a turbine-driven forced induction mechanism that will boosts an internal combustion engine’s performance and output by driving extra air flow right into the combustion chamber. The main contrast between a turbo along with a typical supercharger is just that the turbocharger is run by a turbine driven from the engine’s exhaust fumes. A turbocharger features a air compressor, a turbine, a cartridge and an exhaust valve. Used Engine Finder presents turbo charger kits to maximize all round engine performance of one’s beloved car or truck.