Honda Accord Turbo Kit Buyers Guide

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There are many different turbo kits for the Honda Accord. Some come with a warranty, while others don’t. The quality of the installation also varies, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before making your purchase. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when shopping around for a good turbo kit:

  • What kind of warranty is offered?
  • Does it fit my car model?
  • How much horsepower does it produce?
  • Is installation included, or do I have to pay extra?
  • How difficult is the installation?

Typically, turbo kits will have a warranty of at least 1 year. This means that if any part malfunctions or breaks during use, you can get it fixed for free or receive a new one. You’ll want to make sure the kit fits your specific model and year Honda Accord before purchasing, so there’s no room for error.

Some kits produce as little as 100 horsepower, and there are some which go up to 500hp. If you’re looking at the lower end of this scale, you’ll most likely be able to install it yourself without too much trouble. However, if your Honda Accord produces more than 300 horsepower, then installation will require a professional.

The installation process can vary depending on the kit that you buy, but in general, it shouldn’t take too long to get up and to run. Generally speaking, kits for Honda Accords with less than 300hp should be able to be installed within 24 hours or so if you’re working alone. However, these time estimates assume that you have the right tools, expertise, and experience.

So, whether you are looking for a 2000 honda accord turbo kit, honda accord k24 turbo kit

Recommended Universal Honda Accord Turbo kits:

Below we have listed a few of the best universal Honda Accord turbo kits that you can buy online.

T3 T4 Turbo .63 A/R Oil Hybrid V Band Universal Turbocharger

T3 T4 Turbo .63 A/R Oil Hybrid V Band Universal Turbocharger

The T3T4 Turbo .63 A/R Oil Hybrid Vand Band Universal Turbocharger for 4 6 Cyl tcd is a high-quality turbocharger capable of boosting your engine’s power output by 20-40%. The turbocharger, made with premium materials like ductile iron and K418 Alloy (resistance up to 900℃), will provide years of long-lasting durability. With a durable floating bearing structure finished in tight quality control measures, the turbocharger has undergone extensive testing to ensure it can handle years of use.

The perfect treat for your car that will boost horsepower while providing longevity!

Any 1.5-2.5L 4/6 cylinder engines
Boost up to 420 HP (20 – 40% Increase)
Resistant up to 700℃
Resistance up to 900℃

T04E T3/T4 .63 A/R Turbo/turbocharger Turbine 5 Bolts Flange COMPRESSOR 400+HP B


T04E T3/T4 .63 A/R Turbo/turbocharger Turbine 5 Bolts Flange COMPRESSOR 400+HP B is a high-performance turbo racket to enhance the performance of 1.5-2.5L Four or Six-cylinder engines by up to 20% while costing less than other brands available on the market. The high-quality turbine housing and blades provide an excellent airtight seal, airflow, lightweight, corrosion resistance, and stability without sacrificing any power output that will surpass rival models for your car. This compressor also features a durable floating bearing structure with precision blade dynamic balance through 100% bala manufacturing process for an optimal product use duration time even in sudden turns at top speeds!

T3 T4 T04E Universal Turbo Stage III+Wastegate+Turbo Intercooler+piping 10PC Kit


The perfect stage III+ conversion turbocharger kit. Extensively engineered, built to endure the most grueling environments, and crafted with absolute precision, these turbo kits are guaranteed to make your vehicle really shine. After all, T3 has been doing it for over twenty years; this tuner is quality and manufactured in Italy, where manufacturers are revered as industry leaders. The T4 turbochargers come complete with everything you need—turbocharger(stage III+), intercooler (core size:21*7*2.5), piping so that you can fit them onto your vehicle quickly without any hassle or fuss. Fit anything from a Chevrolet Camaro up to an Audi A8 diesel engine!

T70 Universal Turbo Charger 0.70 A/R 0.82 Turbine T3 V Band Flange Oil 600+HP

T70 Universal Turbo Charger

Turbotecnic’s T70 turbocharger features a turbine designed specifically for high horsepower and is durable to withstand the hard-hitting racing world. Turbotecoinic’s oil-less compressor system delivers good response and reliable boost response across every RPM range, giving drivers better control over their car than ever before. Our powerhouse of a turbo also offers industry-leading longevity guarantees that can extend your engine to perform as it always has just by making the switch. No matter what kind of racer you are – amateur or professional, rally cars or dragsters – we want you to continue racing with this versatile and powerful product available now!

GT30 GT3037 GT3076 Turbocharger 500HP 0.82 A/R + Oil Drain Return FEED Line kit


This muscular device will make all the difference in your performance—the before and after (and really, who wants to wait until afterward?). Boost Horse Power up to 500BHP at 0.82 A/R- that’s about 6 times stronger than previous models! You get high-temperature resistance, too; it’ll continue producing peak power even at temperatures over 1000 C! Enhanced engine power means not only an improvement in fuel economy– but also reduced exhaust emissions, so you can feel good while you’re getting off on the throttle.

GT35 GT3582 Turbo Charger T3 AR.70/63 Anti-Surge Compressor Turbocharger Bearing

GT35 GT3582 Turbo Charger T3

This turbocharger has been balanced with the VSR machine technology and has an excellent blade design, giving you 20-40% extra power for your vehicle after installation! Cast aluminum blades make this turbo well equipped for any climate as it is corrosion-resistant. Its bearings can withstand up to 700 degrees Celsius, making it durable enough even those heated summer days. And thanks to the K418 chromium alloy, you now can enjoy performance that can last as long as 900 degrees Celsius, no problem! If your car doesn’t have enough horsepower yet and could use an increase o boost, this is the perfect solution to boost your car.

GT45 turbo V-band Turbocharger T4 TWIN-SCROLLWet Float A/R .66 A/R 1.05 600+BHP

GT45 turbo V-band Turbocharger

An engineered turbocharger designed for high horsepower is the most trusted engine modification upgrade on the market. A simple bolt-on installation will increase your car’s power output by 20 to 40 hp. Take your car from factory stock with 300 bhp to a total of 620 bhp without breaking break anything except for maybe your neck when you feel 600+bhp at the wheels!

Interested in finally upgrading but are looking for something cost-effective? This V-band turbocharger offers an excellent balance between durability and performance, meaning it’ll last longer than other models while also providing more power.

Final Thoughts…

The options for turbochargers on the market are endless, but after careful consideration, we have chosen our top contenders- what’s your pick?

Would you mind commenting below with questions or feedback? Thank you!

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