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Honda B16B Engine For Sale

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    Whenever your engine lets out a loud moan, you know it’s time to make the effort and find a solution. And, every now and then, motors provide us with no notice in any way before succumbing to their fate: nothing but smashed pistons and valves remain behind. Acquire second hand Honda engines from a network of Honda auto wrecking yards and engine importers that provide as much as a two-year warranty on certain engines! In addition to second hand Honda motors for all sale we offer a large stock second-hand Honda parts. If you wish to find the highest-quality second-hand motors and transmissions, you may submit an enquiry from this page.

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    More Info On Honda B16B Engine

    The Honda B16B Engine

    There are several B16 engines, but the most sought-after is the B16B, an improved version of the previous B16A SiR second generation. Honda accomplished this by using a de-stroked Integra Type-R B18 motor, which resulted in a new height of 212.4mm. Due to the extra room, the crankshaft, pistons, and lightweight connecting rods were upgraded, resulting in an improved rod-to-stroke ratio (RS) of 1.85:1 In addition to these internal improvements, Honda adjusted the intake ports, the throttle body was increased to 62mm, engineers upgraded the fuel injectors, the exhaust system was improved, and a lighter flywheel was installed not only that, but the B16B also featured improved camshafts, more lightweight intake valves (with thinner stems), and thicker valve springs than the previous model. Honda's most impressive power figures to date were 185hp (sometimes stated as 187hp) at 8,200rpm and 118lb/ft of torque at 7,500rpm, thanks to this significant revision and the latest compression ratio of 10.8:1. Even though this engine's VTEC began to work later than usual, it was well worth waiting for when it finally arrived at 8,400rpm and then hit the engine's speed limiter at 9,000rpm.

    Common Problems

    If you already know a lot about Honda's B16 engine, you won't be surprised to learn that there aren't many problems with well-maintained stock engines. The only way to find an engine that'll gladly accept that beating is to mount a massive turbo on your B16 and thrash it off the controller every time you go for a drive. However, some B16 motors are over thirty years old, so you can bet that someone has had a bit too much 'VTEC, yo' at some point in the past. Therefore, if you're interested in purchasing a B16, we always recommend running a compression test on it. Ideally, the compression should be around 170-190PSI on a warm engine. With proper maintenance, we've seen many B16s go over 300,000 miles, which we're sure you'll agree is impressive! Older B16 engines have a reputation for using more oil than usual. This is to be expected if you're driving aggressively. Just keep an eye on it and top it off as needed. Oil filter changes are easy on B16s, so we recommend performing them as frequently as possible. Your car will thank you for it in the long run. Idle problems are common, but they can also be caused by a vacuum leak, a bad TPS, or an idle AC valve. Only leaking all around camshaft seals has been reported as an issue. Your B16 will likely be the most dependable ever built if everything goes according to plan."