How do I protect my car’s engine in extreme cold weather?

by | Aug 20, 2021 | News

Increased combustion and faster wear of individual engine components result from seemingly trivial and irrelevant carelessness.

Winter is tough for automobile engines, which have to withstand additional loads in adverse conditions. Like in winter, we take care of skin prone to dryness and irritation by applying cream and wearing warm gloves; we also have to take care of the engine and follow a few rules when starting a car in low temperatures.

Can cold weather damage your engine

Do not accelerate before starting the engine.

In modern cars, the engine starting system is fully automatic. This is an engine management computer that takes care of the correct amount of fuel while the starter is running to ignite. Pressing the accelerator pedal when starting the car disrupts this process; it is unnecessary and may fail. Repeated attempts to start the engine by pressing the gas pedal can damage the catalytic converter due to the imperfect combustion of the mixture.

Winter is the only time when the lubrication system takes a little longer to distribute oil throughout the engine. Even in severe frost, You should start the movement after 30-40 seconds from the moment of starting. This is enough time for the oil to reach every nook and cranny. So if you feel that the car is freezing, wait. However, there is no need to clean all windows from frost while the engine is running, while waiting for it to warm up. The engine warms up most quickly and efficiently under load, i.e., while driving. In addition, we make several mistakes by warming up a car’s engine at idle speed. First, we waste fuel unnecessarily. Secondly, we are breaking the law – we can get a fine for stopping with the engine running. We also destroy the engine,

A very common mistake that drivers make in winter is that the engine stays cold and immediately revs up after starting. This will shorten its life as the engine oil cannot always reach all the parts that need lubrication. Cold oil also operates at high pressure and high revs, which can damage internal engine components.

Filling with fast-flowing oil

Extending engine life

In winter, make sure there is fast-flowing oil in the power unit. When choosing a lubricant, it is worth choosing a lubricant with a low viscosity that reduces internal resistance in the engine at low temperatures, quickly reaches its smallest elements, and properly protects them – just as a greasy moisturizer protects the skin of the hands from irritation.

Persistent positive temperatures at the end of the year in recent years can weaken our vigilance, and it may happen that on a frosty morning, we go outside without a headdress or warm gloves. Moreover, it is worth remembering these few rules for starting the engine, which You should observe even at temperatures around zero degrees.

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