Is Your Vehicle Engine Going To Last? Find Out With These Simple Tips

by | Aug 20, 2021 | News

How long a vehicle engine will last depends on several factors. These are driving style, use of high-quality fuel, maintenance intervals, and much more. To work without problems for a long time, you should familiarize yourself with what factors reduce its resource.

What causes an engine to go bad?

Extending engine life

A fairly small number of vehicle owners are thinking about extending engine life. Meanwhile, replacing this unit can be expensive. The engine’s resource is the period of its service from the moment of the first trip to the overhaul. You can find that it is time to carry out repairs due to several signs’ critical wear of elements. This is a decrease in the power of the power unit, the appearance during a trip of extraneous sounds, rattling or tangible shocks, changes in compression, increased consumption of gasoline and oil.

Several factors negatively affect the service life of the engine and accelerate its wear. This is a rare chance of oil and oil or air filter, poor quality fuel fill. Also, various minor malfunctions, which the driver does not pay attention to for a long time, can affect the unit’s wear. As a result, a large number of minor breakdowns appear, which over time lead to the appearance of quite significant troubles. Also, one of the reasons for the reduction in engine service life is manufacturing defects made during its manufacture.

Options for increasing engine resource

To increase the period of the normal operation of the power unit, it is enough to correctly and timely perform maintenance work. You should pay special attention to the following activities.

Changing the engine oil

Its timely replacement has a huge impact on maintaining the engine’s performance. However, in this case, You should take the season of operation into account; the oil must have the required viscosity. You should also take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer of the equipment. It is better to perform the replacement procedure after 10-12 thousand km, or once a year. The frequency of the procedure may increase in the following cases:

  • when driving around the city at low speed and low revs;
  • during short trips for short distances;
  • in case of frequent standing in traffic jams;
  • when the car is operating during overloads (for example, when transporting a heavy load).

Extending engine life

It is necessary to check the oil with a dipstick at least once every 10 days. A lack of this fluid can adversely affect the engine performance.

Refueling with quality gasoline.

To prevent engine wear, fill only with the fuel recommended by the manufacturer. You can find information about this on a sticker on the inside of the lid or tank hatch. Filling with low-quality gasoline can lead to detonation, which negatively affects the pistons and valves. You should also avoid driving on a minimum amount of fuel, with a warning light on.

Dmitry Petrov

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