Lamborghini Huracan 5.2 V10 CSJ Engine Remanufactured For Sale

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    Lamborghini Huracan 5.2 V10 CSJ Engine Remanufactured Beschreibung Engine: Lamborghini Huracan 5.2 V10 CSJ Manufacturer: Lamborghini Engine code: CSJ Condition: Remanufactured Deposit: On top of the purchase price there is a deposit (€5000,-) which will be returned when we receive the old engine (no holes). Shipment: Please contact us for more information about the shipping costs to your country. All engines are checked, please notice the following guidelines: • Check the engine on transport damage. • Mounting the engine has to be done by a qualified person. • Check if the engine is the right one by the engine code. • Check the mounting parts as flywheel, turbo, air intake etc….. • Always use the parts and fluids recommended by the manufacturer. • Replace all the worn and defect parts as injectors, oil filter etc…. • After mounting the engine check for leakage from water, oil and fuel. • Please use the engine with care and change the oil after 1000km. Optionen zum Shop Verkäufer speichern Artikel beobachten Jetzt kaufen Kategorien Sonstige Engines Aston Martin Audi Bentley BMW Corvette Ferrari Ford Honda Jaguar Lamborghini Landrover Mercedes Porsche Rolls Royce Seat Skoda Volkswagen (VW) Volvo VAG Renault Toyota Nissan Others Gearboxes Other Engine parts Lambda sensors / Lambdasonde Sensors / Sensoren Inlet manifolds / Ansaugbrücke Exhaust manifold/ Abgaskrümmer Fuelrails / Einspritzrohr Throttle valve / Drosselklappe Spark plugs / Zündkerzen Turbocharger / Turbolader Flywheels / Schwungrad Fuelpumps / Kraftstoffpumpe Superchargers / Kompressor Connecting rods / Pleuel Injectors / Injektoren Dynamo’s / Lichtmaschine Aircopump / Klimakompressor Oilfilter / Ölfiltergehause Starters / Anlasser Wiring / Kabelbaum Vacuum pump / Unterdruckpumpe Exhaust / Auspuffanlage EGR Valve / AGR-Ventil Clutch Parts / Kupplung Teile Pulleys / Riemenscheibe Coils / Zündspule Waterpumps / Wasserpumpe Valve Cover / Ventildeckel Thermostat / Thermostat Steering pump / Servopumpe Car parts Porsche Ferrari Control Units / Steuergerät Interior / Innenausstattung Exterior / Außen Cylinder heads BMW Mercedes VAG Subaru Van Kronenburg Carparts Since 1992 Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie has become a well known and respected name in the engine overhaul and motorsports community. From our very well equipped workshop in Geldrop, The Netherlands we offer comprehensive services for engines. Whether you come for tuning a race engine on the dyno, a remanufactured engine or a small car part our experienced team is ready to help you. We are specialized in engines and parts from Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Mercedes, but also for engines from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie is the right address. Because of our large stock (1500+) we can often supply fast. Zahlung via PayPal Express Lieferung Powered by Supreme supremeauctiononlinesoftware.responsive.2016 supremeauctiononlinesoftware.redesigner