Land Rover Defender 2.5L diesel engine BEST OFFERS @ 9124148993 LOOK! LOW MILES For Sale

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    EXCELLENT opportunity here to buy a perfectly running Land Rover Defender 90/110 series 2A/3 88/109 2.5L non turbo engine. It is smoky , and has a few small oil leaks, just like when it was brand new. Was removed this week ( December 10, 2020) from a Defender 110 WOLF military truck. Very low miles, (112KM) removed to make room for one of our 300tdi engine conversions. I typically get $2000 for these pull outs, but pricing this one low for fast ‘world pandemic housecleaning sale’. Lots of deals, check my other auctions. Call 912-4148993 Engine has 81000 original miles, starts easily and runs well, and has a few oil leaks leaks , does not overheat. Ready to drop into your classic vintage Land Rover , this will fit anywhere the 2.25 gasoline engine fits, but has more torque, and gets much better mileage. NO PAYPAL NO PAYPAL accepted, but I take all other forms of payment. I can ship anywhere in the USA, no problem. Engine sold complete *except* for flywheel. If you require other parts, or want engine ‘refreshed’ with new timing belt and engine seals/ new clutch/ etc , we can do that for you. Ring me up to discuss. 912.4148993 Best to ring us at 9124148993 with any questions, I do not check messages here very often. I do not negotiate price/ deals by email, I prefer to only speak ‘live’ – Thank you