Left Side Turbocharger K04-028 for Audi RS6 4D 4.2L BCY Biturbo C5

A turbocompressor (also called as turbo), works as a turbine-driven forced induction applicator that heightens an vehicle engine’s output and Hp by pushing extra air flow in to the combustion chamber. The main difference between a turbocharger and a common supercharger is precisely that a turbo is operated by a turbine driven via the engine’s exhaust fumes. A turbo has a compressor, a turbine, a cartridge as well as an exhaust valve. Used Engine Finder supplies Audi turbochargers to improve general engine capability of your beloved automobile.

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Part Number and OEM Number
53049880028, 5304-988-0028, 53049700028, 5304-970-0028, 077145703P, 077145703PX, 077145703PV