Motor Engine 2.7L VIN D 8th Digit Fits 06-10 300 1595280



Engines Transmissions Radios Consult with Store Contact Us CATEGORIES 10% Off DT Sale (103) 50% Off Sale (99) A/V Equiptment (24) AC Compressor (25) Air Cleaners (26) Alternator (104) Anti-Lock Brake Part (105) Axle/Carrier (106) Doors/Lidgates (107) Evaporator Charcoal Canister (109) Front Lamps (110) Fuel Pump (111) Grilles (112) Head Lights (113) Heat/AC controller (117) Hoods (115) Jack/tool kit (118) Mirrors (116) Pickup Beds/Boxes (119) Rocker Mouldings (120) Seat (121) Seat Belts (122) Speedometer (123) Steering Column (124) Sun Visors (125) Suspension (126) Tail lights (127) Throttle Body (128) Transfer Case (129) Turbo-Supercharger (131) Warehouse sale (132) Washing machine bottle (133) Wheels (134) Window Regulators (104) window Switches (104) Wiper Motor (104) Other (104) Motor Engine 2.7L VIN D 8th Digit Fits 06-10 300 1595280 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Description Donor Vehicle Model : 300 Year : 2009 Mileage : 91000 (0 = not to be had or unknown) Stock Number : Y20H71 Notes : 90 K see more 300 parts see all parts from this vehicle This part will fit these makes and models with these options CHARGER 09-10 2.7L (VIN D, 8th digit) 300 06-08 2.7L, VIN T (8th digit) MAGNUM 06-08 2.7L, VIN T (8th digit) CHARGER 06-08 2.7L, VIN R (8th digit) MAGNUM 06-08 2.7L, VIN R (8th digit) CHARGER 06-08 2.7L, VIN T (8th digit) 300 06-08 2.7L, VIN R (8th digit) 300 09-10 2.7L (VIN D, 8th digit) payment shipping returns about us payment Payment is accepted through PayPal. shipping For items shipped by way of LTL Freight. Our freight carrier requires a commercial business address with a loading dock or forklift to unload the truck. Most of our customers select to ship in an instant to the shop that may be installing their part so long as this can be a commercial business address. If you can not provide a commercial business address we provide a residential delivery service available for purchase one after the other. For small items we ship they are going to ship with UPS or USPS with live tracking information. You’ll receive an email with tracking information as soon as your part ships. Please allow 1-5 business days to your part to arrive. returns All parts are covered by our 6 Month Money Back Guarantee. When you’ve got an issue with the part, changed your mind or the part does not fit, and want to return it please make a choice “I CHANGED MY MIND” as your return reason. Since we provide free returns You’ll not be accountable for return shipping. Whenever you do this a label can be provided to you to go back your item. Engine Warranty & Installation Procedures • Prior to installation of your used engine we require these steps be taken for warranty to be valid. Also please note whilst engines might come with accessories these don’t seem to be covered under any warranty. Engines are guaranteed against knocking and over the top smoking. Warranty is void if engine heat tab is melted or got rid of. • Pre-Installation Requirements: Drain and replace engine oils to manufacture suggested levels. Replace oil, air and fuel filters. Replace valve cover gaskets. Replace oil pan gasket and rear main seal. If needed replace timing gears, chains or belts & gaskets. Replace thermostat & gasket. Flush cooling system and re-fill. Install new spark plugs & wires. Install new belts and hoses. Failure to offer proof any of these steps weren’t taken might void warranty. Transmission Warranty & Installation Procedures • Prior to installation of your used transmission we require these steps be taken for warranty to be valid. Failure to offer proof these steps were taken will void any warranty. Pre-Installation requirements: Replace all seals. Install new filter kit. Flush and check up on cooling lines. Allign and engage torque converter into front pump. Fill trans with manufacture specified fluid. Clear all transmission computer codes prior to starting or operating vehicle. Adjust throttle position sensor cable. about us We specialize in domestic and imported car, minivan and truck parts. We are a circle of relatives owned and operated corporation since being established in 1972. Being a big supplier of quality automotive parts to wholesale, retail and commercial customers, we are continually stocking our inventory day-to-day to provide you with quality new and used parts. We specialize in both body and mechanical premium used and new parts for all sorts of vehicles. With to be had one year parts and labor warranties, you’ll be able to be assured that quality is in the back of all of our parts. We now have a cutting-edge dismantling facility which makes a speciality of recycling. Considered a leader within the used automotive industry, we work hard to be clean and green. All fluids and waste are drained, contained properly and recycled to make sure the surroundings is freed from any harmful pollutants. All parts are wiped clean and inspected by our professionals to make sure they’re the quality expected by any customer. We now have a number of warehouses filled with racks of engines, transmissions, doors, fenders, hoods and so a lot more. If we don’t stock the part you want, we will order one for you the usage of our cutting-edge parts locating service. 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