Pennzoil SAE 30 Motor Oil – Case of 12 (1 qt) For Sale

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    Pennzoil Motor Oil is a cutting-edge patented mixture that lubricates, cleans, and protects engines, helping to keep them responsive and invigorating. Pennzoil SAE 30 motor oil has a conventional base that’s reinforced with their proprietary Active Cleansing Agents to help prevent sludge and other harmful deposits, as well as clean up existing sludge in your engine and give proven wear protection. This SAE 30W oil performs more than its fair share of clearing up existing deposits, in addition to preventing sludge and halting harmful deposits in their tracks. Pennzoil SAE 30 motor oil is a fantastic method to keep your engine running smoothly by providing exceptional wear protection for all of your engine’s moving components. This high-quality engine oil from Keller-Heartt comes in cases of 12 1-quart containers, making it a handy addition to any shop or garage.