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    Each engine we remanufacture is basically reverse engineered, with the intention of finding factory flaws. Our experienced R&D team and QC specialists make changes wherever feasible. Why should our engine be any less durable than yours?
    Unless otherwise mentioned, engines come with an assembly gasket package and an oil pump. Important installation details may be written on tags or included in the documentation that comes with your engine.

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    Product Description

    Using the latest technically modern techniques, this engine is rebuilt - integrating both CNC machining and DC torque devices. Quality Inspection Staff test all materials for viability before approving them. Until being assembled, all sub-assemblies and modules are both pressure and vacuum checked. As a final check of casting integrity, state-of-the-art machine-operated pressure monitoring is conducted. Our patented "ProTester Limit" at 600 RPM is used for final research. VVT (Variable Cam Timing) and DOD (Displacement on Demand) units are all manually controlled and 100% checked if necessary. To ensure your engine matches or reaches your standards, compression, oil strain, oil flow, and four, ninety-degree stop and match readings are checked. As a countermeasure, a fluorescent dye is used inside the measuring oil to locate some potential oil leakage, including the rear seal of the crankshaft. This cutting-edge testing outperforms a "hot fire" turbine. Long block assemblies with a finishing gasket package and a fresh oil pump are supplied with engines. It is a pleasure for us to supply you with engine assemblies that we proudly remanufacture!

    PROFessional Powertrain has been delivering quality engines and engine parts since 1959. All PROFessional Powertrain engines are remanufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications under ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing processes in a state-of-the-art facility. Choose PROFessional Powertrain remanufactured engines to experience like-new, increased performance for your vehicle.
    Why Choose PROFessional Powertrain Remanufactured Parts?
    Professional installers choose remanufactured parts 4:1 over the next leading engine replacement option. Remanufactured parts offer economic and environmental options without compromising quality.
    Built to be superior to OEM specifications
    The useful life of vehicles has greatly increased in recent years. At the same time, the primary cause of engine failure is poor maintenance or critical sub-component failure, meaning that a vehicle with a failed engine likely still has many serviceable years ahead of it. PROFessional Powertrain engines have been remanufactured back to like-new quality, so you can add years of useful life to your automotive at a fraction of the cost of buying a new vehicle.PROFessional Powertrain produces engines to standards that meet or exceed original equipment (OE) specifications. Furthermore, because of advancements in the years since the original engine design, a remanufacture can add improvements that will produce a more efficient and durable engine. All engines are manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 standards. As a veteran Tier 1 supplier to OEMs, PROFessional Powertrain observes the same quality for remanufacturing processes as is demanded by OEM customers.
    Engineered to Be Superior to OEM Performance
    PROFessional Powertrain engines are designed and built to be superior to the OE engine that came with your vehicle. Some key improvements include:
    • Bearings: Federal Mogul Aluminum bearings feature a patented thrust bearing that improves oiling to the thrust flange, preventing premature thrust failures such as those common to some Ford engines, resulting in longer life and dependability.
    • Crankshafts: PROFessional Powertrain crankshaft journal surfaces offer an RA finish of 12 or lower, improving over the common RA finishes of 15 or higher found in most OE engines, and allowing for a better fit and closer tolerance levers for increased life.
    • Rear Main Seals: Teflon seals are the latest technology available for zero oil seepage at the rear of the engine--a vast improvement over common neoprene seals that wear out over time.
    • Pistons: Anodized piston heads increase durability, reduce emissions, and guarantee a longer lifespan over common OE engines that only offer heads with hypereutectic coating.
    • Mating Surface Finishes: Better RMA finishes provide a better sealing contact surface for head gaskets and meet or exceed the recommendations of aftermarket gasket manufacturers.
    • Castings: PROFessional Powertrain's aged and cycled castings have greater rigidity that provides longer stability.
    • Valve Seat Angles: Three angle valve seats optimize sealing, maximize fuel mixture and flow, and ensure carbon clearout. Most OE engines only have two angle valve seats.
    • Specification Tolerances: PROFessional Powertrain has recuded the allowable tolerances by 1/2. An engine that is built to tighter tolerances is a superior product in wear, durability, and dependability.
    Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. Each engine we remanufacture is essentially reverse engineered - in part to discover original factory deficiencies. If possible, our seasoned R&D personnel and QC experts make improvements. Why shouldn't our engine last longer than your first? Engines come with installation gasket set and oil pump unless noted otherwise. If we have important installation information it will be included on tags or in the paperwork packaged with your engine. Engines are securely packaged in a recyclable container that will also protect your core on the return trip. Our nationwide warehouse network means speedy delivery. Each engine is remanufactured with quality OE level components not "white" box generic parts that may or may not satisfy your needs and expectations. When you use the best you get the best results and satisfaction. [amz_corss_sell asin="B007CX1YT4"]