Ram 2.4 Engine 2015-17 Promaster City New Reman 3 Year Warranty



15-17 Jeep 2.4 OEM Replacement Engine, Vin B Models: Promaster City Application Notes: ED6. Sohc. 16 Valves. Aluminum Block & Head. Chain Drive Exhaust Cam. Intake Has Solenoids System. (** Multi-Air **) – Valve Cover, Timing Cover, Oil Pan, Water Pump, & Oil Cooler Factory Installed *(No Gaskets Supplied)Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years – 100,000 Miles, Passenger Cars, Police Cars and Light Trucks as much as 3/4 ton with the exception of motor homes. Manufacturer No-Fault Warranty covers Parts and Professional Labor as described in Remanufacturer Limited Warranty, without reference to explanation why for failure on a first time replacement. $one hundred.00 Manufacturer Rebate to be had. Contact our sales desk for information. ** Sales Tax. Remember to check with us on the Web Sales Tax threshold to your state, this is able to prevent a number of hundred dollars on an Engine purchase.** Email our Sales Desk for Questions or (1*800*998*2100) Technology at Work for You… The only factor that separates engine remanufacturers is manufacturing technology. Our 700,000 square foot remanufacturing facility comprises the very best- technology equipment, essentially the most intelligent engineering, and the most efficient practices in engine remanufacturing on the earth since 1942. As an OEM authorized engine remanufacturer for over 70 years with over 2,000,000 engines built to this point, the commitment to manufacturing technology and quality certifications has been demanded by the OEM Automaker to provide the finest remanufactured engine assemblies available on the market. shouldnt you demand the similar out of your engine supplier? This state of the art equipment, Enjoy and process is able to producing as much as 600 engines a day, and assures you the buyer, essentially the most consistent quality engine solution in your vehicle. Buy with confidence; nobody builds a greater engine…No One! NO-RISK CORE RETURN GUARANTEE! ♦ What is a “Core Deposit”? – This can be a fully refundable deposit that may be charged on the time of the sale to assure the engine shipping container and your old engine “core” is returned back to our facility. ♦ No Core Deductions or Chargebacks – – You never have to fret about hidden or extra charges if your engine core is broken, beware, so much all engines companies charge you or deduct out of your core deposit if there may be damage found at inspection. We have now made it easy and hassle free! With the No-Risk Core Go back Guarantee, there are not any extra charges if the old engine core is broken. A one hundred% core credit is all the time provided – never prorated so long as the engine core returned is similar application as purchased, one hundred% complete with all parts connected, fluids drained, and returned within the original shipping container inside of 45 days of sale. Simple and worry free! ♦ Professional Shipping Containers – Our professional engine containers make core returns Simple! Simply set the used core engine back into the container when the job is complete, no strenuous pallet strapping or packaging required! ♦ Core Go back Shipping – We will be able to arrange & pay for the Go back shipping for your core engine! SSimply make a quick call to us when your installation is complete and the core is Able to go back. ABOUT ENGINES DIRECT DISTRIBUTORS. LLC. Phoenix, Arizona For 25 years We have now been a leading supplier and distribution center of premium quality powertrain products nationally to the wholesale trade. Our current inventory of over 12,000 engines covers more than 60,000 vehicle applications including Import, Domestic, Marine & Industrial. Our products and knowledge of the engine industry are unequalled. Now you’ll be able to buy direct like the professionals…ENGINES DIRECT. ENGINES DIRECT DISTRIBUTORS, LLC 21616 N Central Ave, Bldg 1 Phoenix, AZ 85024 1*800*998*2100 ♦ Are living Phone Fortify 8-5 M-F, 1*800*998*2100 MST (Arizona) ♦ Quality OEM Replacement Remanufactured Engines, Transmissions & Cylinder Heads ♦ Largest Inventory of Able-To-Ship Engines, Ebays Largest Inventory Selection ♦ Most sensible Name Brand Automotive Aftermarket Parts Distribution ♦ 23 Years of Engine Remanufacturing & National Powertrain Enjoy ♦ USA National Company, No longer an Web Pretender!