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    Looking a used Shell Rotella T1 40 (CF/CF-2) Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil – 55 Gallon Drum for sale?

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    Shell Rotella T1 40 (CF/CF-2) High Quality Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils utilize well-proven performance additives to combat engine wear and prevent deposits, resulting in constant lubrication and performance. Shell Rotella T1 protects against wear and extends the life of your engine. It has a low ash level, which helps prevent deposits from forming and keeps intake ports clean. For important engine components, it provides excellent rust and corrosion protection. Shell Rotella T1 40 (CF/CF-2) - 55 Gallon Drums Reliable performance Provide reliable all-year-round performance in the applications for which they are intended.Shell Rotella T1 40 (CF/CF-2) - 55 Gallon Drums Shell Rotella T1 has been shown to offer superior wear prevention, which helps to extend the life of engines. It has a low ash level, which helps prevent deposits from forming and keeps intake ports clean. Shell Rotella T1 is suited for older on and off-road diesel vehicles, as well as certain stationary engines, and provides excellent rust and corrosion protection for key engine components. Shell Rotella T1 is designed for heavy machinery used in construction, mining, and quarrying. Shell Rotella T1 40 is a two-cycle oil that may be used in Detroit Diesel engines (Series 53, 71 and 92). Shell Rotella T1 oils may be utilized in some transmission and mobile hydraulic systems when mono-grade engine oils are recommended by the equipment manufacturer. API CF-2, CF Detroit Diesel Series 53,71,92 TRUEGARD Global Antifreeze: 100 percent Concentrate Antifreeze and Coolant protects automobile and light truck engines from cooling and overheating throughout the year. Brass, aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, and solder are all corrosion-resistant materials. The solution is devoid of borax, nitrate, and amine, and it is 100 percent biodegradable in its unopened state. With a 15-PSI radiator cap system, it protects against temperatures ranging from -34 to 265 degrees Fahrenheit. Follow local laws when disposing of old antifreeze/coolant.