Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 CJ4 Motor Oil – Case of 3 (1 Gallon) For Sale

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    The Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 CJ4 motor oil is specifically formulated for diesel engine vehicles. It’s a blend of fluids and additives that grants 3x benefits in comparison to the other oil products on the market. Attributes associate with this oil are superior engine cleanness for cleaner motor throughout the life of the engine; improves viscosity control by optimizing oil pressure; it is a excellent choice for fleet vehicles including high performance cars.

    Should You Use Shell Rotella Heavy Duty Motor Oil?
    We are using the legacy of Triple Protection technology that consumers are reliant on our assortment of Shell ROTELLA T4 Triple Protective 15 W-40 heavy duty motor oil, case 3 – 1 Gallon. Today it is better than ever – engineered to offer tougher protection for your work which suits your driving circumstances.
    Why Rotella T4 Shell Triple 15W-40 Protection?
    Enhanced oxidation protection for more efficient operation Enhanced shear stability for improved viscosity control as well as optimal oil-pressure improved aeration of oil Heightens emission control system durability Benefits, specifications and approvals, for every duration of the machine Over time Superior engine cleanness for cleaner motor throughout the oil drainage interval. It is a great choice for online fleets, general roads, construction, agriculture, public transportation companies, diesel pick up trucks, including high performance vehicles where resistence to heat and stress is needed with a wide range of specifications, and the approvals from many of the world’s leading engine manufacturers.

    It is intended to efficiently maintain the longevity of the emissions control system in which diesel particle filters and post-processing systems are employed. Furthermore it offers increased viscosity protection via shear and better aeration of the oil. The unique low-ash composition helps safeguard the exhaust catalysts and diesel particle filters that are used in recent cars with low emissions. Suitable for almost any contemporary heavy duty* low-emission engine and older diesel engine that works hard.

    Shell ROTELLA T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 lubricants have an unique recipe exclusively forShell with millions of kilometers of real world testing. It has been developed to safeguard contemporary low-emission engines and older hard-working diesel engines under the most harsh engine conditions.

    Take the heat.

    The Triple Protection 15W-40 Shell ROTELLA T4 demonstrates substantially enhanced oil resistance at high temperatures. Tests demonstrate the resistance of Shella ROTELLA T4 to oxidation up to 50 percent longer than that of Shell ROTELLA T Triple Protection’s previous generation. The outcome? Triple protection Shell ROTELLA T4 helps to ensure engines operate smoothly, cleanly and efficiently*.

    *The Shell ROTELLA T4 shows high wear protection in engine trials of CK-4 including the ISM and ISB of Cummins.

    Shell ROTELLA T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 did not satisfy just CK-4 specifications in the API industry wear testing, but it provided an average wear protection of 50 percent more than needed. Protection is the most important thing – on the road. In CK-4 engine trials involving Cummins ISM and ISB, ROTELLA T4 shows excellent wear protection.