T3 T4 T04E .57 A/R Universal Turbo Turbocharger for 1.6 to 2.3L 400HP & Oil Line

Perfect for all 1.6L-2.3L engines up to 150-400HP

Horse Power: Capable of Boosting Horse Power up to 400HP


A turbocompressor (also referred to as turbo), serves as a turbine-driven forced induction mechanism of which accelerates an internal combustion engine’s capability and power output by forcing extra air flow directly into the combustion chamber. The important difference between a turbocharger along with a typical supercharger is strictly a turbocharger is operated by a turbine driven via the engine’s exhaust air. A turbocompressor has a air compressor, a turbine, a cartridge along with an exhaust valve. Used Engine Finder features turbo charger kits to further improve overall engine power of one’s favorite automobile.