THE CME REMANUFACTURING PROCESS Carolina Machine Engines was founded in 1984 and with our several dozen highly trained workers have produced over 50,000 quality engines. All backed by our written warranty and Better Bureau A+ rating.CME engines are not just ‘rebuilt or repaired’ engines. They are completely Professionally remanufactured engines individually machined and hand built back to the original OE factory specifications here in out South Carolina plant. They will perform and last as long or longer than the original engine. Also they will produce approximately the original horsepower and torque.During the remanufacturing process all parts are thoroughly cleaned and rigorously inspected. The block is completely reconditioned including cylinder boring and precision honing to the nearest oversize that removes all wear. The crankshaft is re-ground to the nearest undersize that removes all wear and/or micro polished and the rods are reconditioned. Then everything is “THOROUGHLY FINAL CLEANED” and the Short Block is carefully assembled by a highly trained experienced technician using “NEW” pistons, piston rings, bearings, gaskets and expansion plugs. Specifications and clearances are rechecked at this time.The cylinder heads are completely remanufactured and installed. A new or reconditioned camshaft, new lifters, and new timing components are installed. The pushrods and rockers are reconditioned or replaced, installed, and adjusted. All machining and other procedures are held to the OE specifications.As a quality triple check, the now completed longblock is installed on our “SIMTEST” machine where the oil cavities are filled by pressurizing with heated “Break-in” oil and “Break-in” enhancing additives. It is also “Spin tested” and checked for proper oil pressure, oil flow, compression readings on all cylinders, and other functions. It is then bagged up in heavy plastic immediately to preserve cleanliness. A new oil pump or oil pump repair kit and remaining gaskets are furnished for the installer to complete the engine. Engine completion (installing the purchaser’s oil pan, covers, etc) is an available option.Only the highest quality brand parts are used such as: ACL, CLEVITE, CLOYES, DURA-BOND, ELGIN, FEDERAL MOGUL, FEL-PRO, HASTINGS, MAHLE, MELLING, PERFECT CIRCLE, PIONEER, SEALED POWER, SILVOLITE, STERLING, US SEAL, US TOOL AND VICTOR REINZ.It is assured that CME remanufactured engines are the highest in quality and that our written warranty will be honored. ******************************** ABOUT CME We ARE a professional engine builder who has “Hand” built over 60,000 engines since 1984. This includes High Performance Pump Gas Street engines, Race engines, and stock replacement automotive OE and marine engines. We sell at “Factory Direct” prices and provide a written warranty. Our BBB rating is A+, their highest rating. Also we are members of the AERA and PERA engine building organizations. We are NOT an “assembly line” giant company mass producing products without regard for our craft. We employ about two dozen highly qualified people who enjoy their work and their Hot Rods. One person assembles an engine from start to finish. Please allow 12 to 18 business days for custom assembly of your engine. We are enthusiasts who are still racing after many decades and have been fortunate to have garnered two NHRA World Championships, five Divisional Championships, 15 National Events, many other race wins and National Records. As racers, we have the experience and inspiration to produce high quality products. “We love our cars and our engines!” Contact us from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM eastern time Monday – Friday at “CAROLINA MACHINE ENGINES”, 171 Lee Street, Johnston, SC 29832.If you need personal attention or expert information about your project, please contact us from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM eastern time Monday – Friday at “CAROLINA MACHINE ENGINES, 171 Lee Street, Johnston, SC 29832.” We also build a variety of Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, AMC, Buick, Olds, and Pontiac “PUMP GAS” Street Crate Engines from Shortblocks to Complete “DYNO TESTED CRATE ENGINES”. Quoted horsepower figures are close estimates based on proper accessories being used such as carburetor, intake manifold, exhaust system, etc. —————————————————————————————————————-