Our 22R-E Performance engine comes with a new ITM head casting that are cast thicker in problem areas and give more space around the firing rings; these improvements help with head gasket issues. What makes our motor unique is that we install an upgraded cam (260 grind or 272) and springs; we’ve found that this adds more horse power (8-10 for the 260 and 15-20 for the 272 if you run headers) and offers a little more lower end torque when pulling grades (don’t have to down shift as much). Our motors come with new timing covers milled to the engine deck surface, new steel timing chain guides, full gasket set, new oil pump, new NPR pistons and rings, all other parts are new and produced by ITM. Our Performance Package additionally comes with: – New head casting (ITM) > Port and polished (less resistance, more aerodynamic) – 260 or 272 Cam and Springs > Stainless steel valves (Oversized valves) + 45.5 mm intake valves + 37.5 mm exhaust valves + Reduced shank swirl polished – Balanced engine (rotated assembly balanced) > No vibrations, everything’s balanced – Comes with surfaced flywheel and crank pulley Note: To maintain originality – if preferred we can rebuild the original motor. Costs for the rebuilding process are the same, whether it’s exchange or rebuilding your own, since every engine gets the full complete treatment. When they leave our facility, they are all back to stock factory specifications with all those new parts as listed. This engine carries a 12 month / 12,000 mile WORKMANSHIP warranty. Process takes one week here at our facility plus the travel time each way. we organize the logistics of transportation. For shipping your engine to us: standard procedure is to just get a hold of a wood pallet from behind a store and put down a piece of plywood for reinforcement and then use some straps or ties to rig it secure. Then use some shrink wrap from the Home Depot moving supplies section to cover it up. Be sure to drain the fluids and remove all the externals that are not part of the short/long block assembly as supplied (like the blocks are in the pictures). Should you leave misc. bits and hardware on it, no worries, we will be sure to return everything. Once it is ready to go, we will set up a truck to pick it up or help make arrangements for you to drop it off at a terminal. We will email you the Bill of Lading and shipping labels. We rebuild all import and American engines from 1.0 Geo Metros to 7.3 Powerstroke Diesels. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to call. *NOTE: $500 core charge (refundable deposit). Freight and core deposit not included. We will contact you to arrange freight and secure your deposit.