TRUEGARD 5W20 Motor Oil – 55 Gallon Drum For Sale

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    TRUEGARD 5W20 is an API SN and GF-5 approved, high performance motor oil formulated with advanced synthetic base oils, additives and select performance features for use where air cooled gasoline engines are used. TRUEGARD 5W20 is designed to provide optimum lubrication by providing: Preventing rust and corrosion, reducing excessive wear between moving parts and lubricating during the most extreme temperatures.

    *THIS PRICE IS FOR A 55 GAL API SN/GF 5 CERTIFIED API SN/GF 5 CERTIFIED API SN/GF 5 CERTIFIED API SN/GF 5 Keller-Heartt Oil offers TRUEGARD 5W-20 engine oil in a 55-gallon barrel if you need it. This high-performance oil is API SN and GF5 approved, making it an excellent option for both modern and older cars. It is designed to resist corrosion, reduce excessive wear between moving parts, and lubricate all of the necessary components. Because we can provide TRUEGARD 5W-20 motor oil at such low rates, it’s the sensible option for budget-conscious company owners.