Turbo Turbine Fit for Audi A4 A6 S4 S6 2.0 TFSI B7 BUL BWE 200HP K03 06D145701G

A turbocompressor (likewise known as turbo), is a turbine-driven forced induction part which raises an internal combustion engine’s efficiency and Horse Power by driving extra oxygen inside the combustion chamber. The main difference between a turbo plus a normal supercharger is just that the turbocompressor is powered by a turbine powered from the engine’s exhaust air. A turbocharger includes a air compressor, a turbine, a cartridge as well as an exhaust valve. Used Engine Finder presents Audi turbos to increase overall engine power of your treasured vehicle.

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Part/OEM Number
53039880106 53039700106 06D145701G 06D145701GX

06D145701H 06D145701HX 06D145701D 06D145701E

06D145701B , 06D145701F , 06D145701J;06D145701C

53039880087 ,06D145701H, 06D145701JX