Universal GT35 GT3582 Turbocharger Turbo Piping Pipe Kit T3 AR.70/63 Anti-Surge

Perfect for all 4/6 cylinder and 3.0L-6.0L engines
NOTE:This turbo is an universal application turbo, some modification may be required based on individual vehicle. The dimension picture is available, please contact us if needed. Please check the details carefully before purchasing.2.5″ 64mm Aluminum Universal Intercooler Turbo Piping Pipe Kit fits all Turbo Projects.


A turbocharger (likewise known as turbo), is seen as a turbine-driven forced induction unit that will enhances an automobile engine’s output and output by forcing extra air flow directly into the combustion chamber. The major contrast between a turbo along with a traditional supercharger is just that a turbocompressor is run by a turbine driven via the engine’s exhaust gas. A turbocharger consists of a air compressor, a turbine, a cartridge as well as an exhaust valve. Used Engine Finder gives you turbo kits to maximize overall engine capability of your much loved motor vehicle.