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    Used Volvo T6 Engines For Sale

    About Volvo

    Volvo LogoVolvo is a Swedish company that specializes in the production of safe, comfortable and practical vehicles. The year of foundation of the company is considered to be 1927, when the first model of a Volvo car came off the assembly line. The new car, for the assembly of which mainly Swedish-made components were used, was named Jakob. The company became the first company in the world to install a three-point seat belt anchorage in a mass-produced vehicle. Since then, the company has earned the reputation of making the world’s safest cars. It’s developments in this area are: a three-point seat belt, a special roof beam that protects the body from deformation and a dual-circuit braking system with a triangular connection. Almost all of the company’s innovations today are international standards in the automotive industry.