VW/Audi Engine P0507 Error Code – Analyze and Fix

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Idle Air Control System Flow Rate Greater Than Anticipated, Error Code P0507

If you have a Volkswagen or an Audi and get the code P0507, it means that your car’s idle air control is set too high. Seeing this error number means exactly what you think it means: your car is idling at a speed that is too high (more than 600-800rpm) for the engine. (Following is a sample.) While the car is idling, the RPMs may be much higher and/or inconsistently high. If you have the right equipment, making a diagnosis and fixing this problem is more simpler than you would think. In order to avoid spending too much money at a repair shop, it is strongly recommended that you invest in an OBD-II scanner and take care of these issues on your own.

I have a P0507 error code on my Volkswagen or Audi. Can I still drive?

This is a rather little code, so you may. However, serious engine damage may occur if you keep your car idling at a high speed for a long time. For a while, the following signs aren’t always catastrophic for an engine’s well-being: (3-7 days). We advise you to either self-diagnose and repair the problem or take the car to a mechanic as soon as possible, since as we’ve already said, ignoring it for more than a week might result in expensive engine damage.

VW/Audi Symptoms P0507

  • The Malfunction Indicator Lamp is on
  • Problematic, Uneven, or Abnormal Idle
  • Jerking between gears in the automobile
  • The car won’t start
  • The Car Just Died

What Can Cause Volkswagen/Audi Engine Code P0507?

  • Problem with the Intake or Vacuum Seal
  • Throttle body is dirty, broken, or damaged
  • Actuator for the electric throttle body has stopped working
  • Broken PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) Valve
  • IAC (Idle Air Control) valve or circuit failure
  • Issue with the pressure switch for the power steering

Fixing the P0507 Engine Error on Your VW or Audi

This engine code indicates a simple problem that may be quickly diagnosed and repaired. This one, in contrast to the other postings that we’ve published regarding fault codes, such as the one about the EPC Light, ought to be quite simple since there aren’t too many potential causes. Costs associated with bringing your car in for repairs might range from $140 to $1,100, depending on the nature of the damage. You should check the compatibility of the following components with your vehicle before placing an order.

Fixing an IAC Valve

This is the second most common reason for this error message from the engine. An Idle Air Control valve, or simply IAC valve, controls the amount of air that enters the engine while idling. You have nothing to lose by giving this simple, low-cost solution a try.

The best way to clean or repair a digital throttle body

Also, it’s possible that the electronic throttle body has been corroded or somehow compromised, which would prevent it from operating as intended. Luckily the throttle body is simple to get to and quick to replace or clean if it is required.

Troubleshooting and Repairing a PCV Valve

VW and Audi PCV valves have a high failure rate. The factory-installed PCV valve in your vehicle is probably not very reliable, therefore you should replace it as soon as possible.

Electrical Steering Power Steering Switch Repair

While this explanation seems unlikely to trigger this engine code, it’s not completely impossible. If you have already tried the aforementioned solutions and the error code is still appearing, here is another inexpensive and straightforward DIY option.


In conclusion, an electronic throttle body, an IAC valve, or a vacuum leak are the most probable culprits for the P0507 failure code. Although the code’s irregular RPMs are bad for your engine, you may still drive with it for a little while. You may also ask questions or make comments below if you need assistance with a car that wasn’t included above, and we’ll do our best to respond with the information you need. We wish the problems you’re having with your car were solved after reading this guide.

Further Reading: https://www.fixdapp.com/blog/p0507-code/

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