Why the engine stalls and how to fix it

by | Aug 20, 2021 | News

Many motorists often encounter a problem when the car stalls immediately after starting. Even worse, there is an engine that stops working en route. Such a problem signals a malfunction, which can be quite difficult to fix on your own.

What to do if the car stalls on the move?

The most common reason a car can stall on the move is poor quality fuel. You can easily solve this problem by draining old gasoline or diesel. After that, you need to refuel at a proven gas station.

If changing the fuel did not help, the reason may be:

  • dirty spark plugs;
  • due to a dirty fuel or air filter;
  • faulty fuel pump;
  • through oxidation of the battery terminals or lack of contact

Also, the car can stall if the alternator is out of order. The car continues to move due to the battery’s work, but it can also be discharged.

If You can change the spark plugs independently and clean the filters, then the correction of other breakdowns requires more serious intervention. It is necessary to promptly call a tow truck to deliver to the service station for diagnostics and repair.

Reasons why a warm engine stalls

A warm engine can stall if there is not enough battery power. This problem can occur if the dipped headlights have been in operation for a long time.

Also, a warm engine may stop working if the starter is inoperative. The workpiece should rotate at startup, not just click the terminals. The machine may stall if air chambers form in the carburetor chamber. This can be solved by a couple of half-pressing on the accelerator pedal and start the engine.

Incorrect operation of sensors and the onboard computer can also signal an incorrect engine operation. It is worth urgently contacting specialists.

Dmitry Petrov

Dmitry Petrov is an engineer who specializes in materials science, and has a deep passion for all things related to automotive technology. He is a true motorhead at heart, and spends much of his free time tinkering with engines and studying vehicular dynamics.


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