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1989 Porsche 944 Turbo 447 HP Engine Package For Sale

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    More Info On 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo 447 HP Engine Package
    [gallery] The engine is a 2.5L aluminum block with 8 valve aluminum head and was originally built by Eric Barrett. It has been improved with 7/16” ARP studs and silicone “O” rings to seal the coolant and oil passages. The block has been improved with pressed in iron cylinder liners. The bottom end has been improved by using a Moldex Billet crankshaft (installed in 2009) with forged connecting rods. The head has been improved by porting, flow matching and installing big valves along with a Dema Elgin camshaft. The turbocharger is a water cooled tangential type made by Turbonetics model T66 with ceramic bearing. Its charge is cooled by a 17 ½”x 16” triple size intercooler which is fully ducted.The engine is control by a custom engine management system programmed by a PC and software that comes with the car. The headers and collector were fabricated from 321 stainless steel. The exhaust system is directed towards the rear of the passenger’s side front fender. The cooling system has a C&R custom radiator and oil heat exchange and it is fully ducted.The oil system is a Peterson dry sump. The fuels system consists of custom made fuel rail with pressure regulator .The engine is producing 447 HP to the rear wheels The engine is still installed and I would need 3 business days to remove it and have it ready for pick up or shipping.You are always welcome to stop by the shop near Hagerstown Md 21733 to hear it in person.$500 deposit upon purchase Fresh 951 engine 9/16 ARP head bolts, iron pressed in cylinders,"O" ringed head. The head has been ported,flow matched and big valves were installed along with a Dema Elgin cam,Moldex billet crankshaft Custom headers with a Turbotetics T66 ceramic bearing, water cooled turbo. A Peterson dry sump system installed. The car was run for a short time, the engine freshened up before retiring 0 track time on it. I have Dyno sheets and the older management system included. I'm sure I'm missing some more info but I do have some build info sheets