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About Ferrari

Ferrari – sports cars manufactured by an Italian company for 70 years. Ferraris are examples of automotive art that have fascinated lovers of luxury cars since 1946. Ferrari firmly established themselves in the garages of world leaders, including emperors and sheikhs, football player Lionel Messi and collector Pierre Bardinon. The brand was glorified by the “red baron” Michael Schumacher.


The history of Ferrari began much earlier than the first car was created. Enzo Ferrari, a racer and tester, created his production of Auto Avio Costruzioni under the wing of Alfa Romeo. The company produced spare parts for cars, and at first its owner did not dream of more.

But in 1946, the first car appeared under the name of its creator – Ferrari 125. The car admired its powerful 12-cylinder aluminum engine. The novelty was a breakthrough in the production of cars and allowed to realize the dreams of its creator about combining comfort and high speed.

A year later, new modifications of the unique engine appeared, its volume increased. Ferrari brought this figure to 1995 cm3. As a result, a year later, Ferrari cars managed to win the prestigious Targa Florio and Mille Miglia races, and the company’s emblem, a horse that rose to its hind legs, began to constantly appear in popular competitions. Since the beginning of the 60s of the 20th century, the company began production of its legendary “American” series.

Later there were Ferrari Dino (1968) and Ferrari 308 (1975), Ferrari Mondial (1989) and Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (2006). The last model was produced until 2012 and remains currently one of the most popular brand models.


Since 1989, Fiat acquired the company, and new developments continued to amaze with its power, speed, beauty and comfort. Of the company’s latest proposals, it is worth paying attention to the Ferrari GTC4 LUSSO – a premium sports car. Each new model quickly finds its wealthy owners, and reviews of Ferrari continue to create a legend in the world of cars.


Since 1946, the Ferrari brand has been admired by lovers of expensive cars. For each model, buyers are ready to lay out amounts comparable to the whole state. Today, a Ferrari can cost millions of dollars.

How much was paid for cars created in a single copy is not exactly known. Their current owners refuse to divulge this information. Of the well-known sums, the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testorossa of 1957, which left the auction for $ 12,000,000, and the Ferrari 250 GTO of the Gran Turismo series deserve attention, they paid $ 15.7 million at the auction.

The price of serial elite cars depends on the number of cars produced and their technical characteristics. Affordable at a price can be called Ferrari California.

Ferrari supercars and sports cars are expensive, but each of them finds an owner who is ready to pay any amount for this luxury. More details about each Ferrari car can be found on the Ferrari model cards below.

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