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About Hummer

Hummer – a former American manufacturer of off-road cars , SUVs and pickups based in Detroit, operating in 1992 – 2010. The brand belonged to the General Motors group.


The history of the Hummer brand begins in 1979, when the United States government announced a competition to design and supply the local army with completely new combat vehicles called M998 Series HMMWV, or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles. The vehicle was to be replaced by the worn-out M151 MUTT, characterized by versatile use, checking in combat conditions and suitable for air transport. Three companies have entered the tender: Chrysler Defense, Teledyne Continental and AM General. The competition was won by AM General belonging to the AMC group.

The origin of HMMWV

In 1980, the company’s designers created the first HMMWV prototype , and a year later AM General signed a $ 1.2 billion contract. For five years, 55,000 Hum-Vee models were expected to hit the US army over five years. The model to which the contract related was characterized by permanent 4-wheel drive, building the structure on a steel support frame, independent suspension of all wheels, high ability to overcome obstacles and watertightness of the entire structure. An optional electronic tire pressure control system was installed. In addition, the vehicle had an opening rear part, which facilitated, for example, loading supplies, infantry and the wounded. The car was able to carry four soldiers, a small load and pull a small artillery or anti-aircraft gun. It could also be equipped with a Browning M2HB machine gun, an Mk19 automatic grenade launcher or a BGM-71 pp. Launcher. Each of these devices was mounted on a turntable, on the roof of the vehicle. Hummer gained popularity during the first war in Iraq, referred to as the Desert Storm and lasting from January 17, 1991.

The origin of the name

The name Hummer comes from the name Humvee and was initially a common name, given by US Army soldiers to the multi-purpose vehicle HMMWV.


In 1992, Hum-Vee’s long-planned civil career began. The first Hummer (HMMWV was sold to civilians under this name) bearing the symbol H1 was manufactured at the special order of Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 1999, General Motors bought the Hummer brand rights . These cars were still built in the factories of AM General Corporation. In 2002, the Hummer SUV version called H2 appeared on the market.

Three years later it was replaced by H3. In 2008, the Hummer model family was to expand to the fourth model, H4. It was to be the smallest car so far, its dimensions were to be comparable with the Jeep Wrangler. However, the plans were abandoned.

Brand liquidation

In February 2010, General Motors decided to liquidate the Hummer brand, which was the result of implementing a recovery plan after the 2009 financial crisis. The recession led the company to financial problems, which apart from Hummer also required the liquidation of the Pontiac and Saturn brands .


In October 2019, media speculation appeared about the potential return of Hummer to the market in the form of an electric car. This information was officially confirmed by General Motors at the end of January 2020, when it was announced that Hummer will return to the market in 2021 – but not as an independent car brand, but as a model line included in the GMC. The first model called GMC Hummer EV is an electric pickup, which premiere is scheduled for May 2020.

Historical Car models

  • H1 (1992 – 2006)
  • H2 (2002 – 2009)
  • H2 SUT (2005 – 2009)
  • H3 (2005 – 2010)
  • H3T (2009 – 2010)

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