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    About Lincoln Motor Company

    About Lincoln

    Lincoln is an American automobile brand of the Ford concern in Dearborn, Michigan ( USA ). As a global brand it stands for the upscale vehicle classes and often also for state cars, especially the US presidents. Lincoln is now also represented in China.

    Lincoln Design and Features

    Lincoln had a greyhound as an emblem since 1927 . The Diamond later became a central trademark.

    The trademark of many Lincoln (especially the Mark II to Mark VIII) was the spare wheel stylized on the trunk lid (which was not there). This was retained as a design feature for decades and goes back to the Lincoln Continental of the 1940s , which had a spare wheel mounted on the rear of the car for reasons of space, which has been called the Conti or Continental Kit since then .

    Today the “Waterfall grille” serves as a feature of the Lincoln brand. The modern waterfall grill is based on the Rolls Royce grill of the 1960s and 1970s.

    The town car is often used for the production of so-called stretch limousines , in which the already bulky external dimensions are further extended by extending the center of the frame and body.

    With the 1976 model year, Lincoln introduced special models whose visual design allegedly came from the hands of famous fashion designers and which are therefore called Designer Series; a marketing idea that Lincoln stuck to for many years.

    Lincoln’s main competitor in the US domestic market is General Motors’ Cadillac brand . Within the Ford Group, Lincoln was part of the Premier Automotive Group (to which the European brands Volvo , Jaguar , Aston Martin belonged or belong), within which common components were to be developed that would find use in all these brands. However, the Lincoln brand was spun off from Premier Automotive Group after it became clear that it could not be marketed as a premium brand to the same extent as the group’s European brands. The Premier Automotive Group now existsnot anymore, since the brands Jaguar, Aston Martin and Volvo were sold again by the Ford concern. From 2014 Lincoln models will also be offered in China.

    Past models

    Lincoln MKS (2009–2016)
    Lincoln MKT (2010–2019)
    Lincoln Lido (1950–1951)
    Lincoln Capri (1952–1959)
    Lincoln Aviator (2003–2005)
    Lincoln Sport (1949–1951)
    Lincoln Town Car (1981–2011)
    Lincoln K-series (1931–1940)
    Lincoln Blackwood (2002)
    Lincoln Premiere (1956–1960)
    Lincoln Cosmopolitan (1949–1954)
    Lincoln Mark LT (USA 2006–2008; Mexico 2006–2014)
    Lincoln Zephyr (2006)
    Lincoln Continental (1939–1948, 1956–2002, 2016–2020)
    Lincoln Custom (1941–1942, 1955)
    Lincoln Versailles (1977–1980)
    Lincoln-Zephyr (1936–1942)
    Lincoln H-series (1946–1948)
    Lincoln L-series (1917–1930)
    Lincoln LS (2000–2006)
    Lincoln MKZ (2007–2020)

    Mark series

    Continental Mark VII (1984–1985)
    Lincoln Mark VII (1986–1992)
    Continental Mark V (1977–1979)
    Continental Mark III (1958)
    Lincoln Mark VIII (1993–1998)
    Continental Mark VI (1980–1983)
    Continental Mark V (1960)[1] Continental Mark III (1969–1971)
    Continental Mark IV (1959)
    Continental Mark IV(1972–1976)
    Continental Mark II (1956–1957)

    Concept Models

    Lincoln Sentinel (1996)
    Lincoln Special LS (1999)
    Lincoln Coronation (1966)
    Lincoln MKR (2007)
    Lincoln Coronation II (1967)
    Lincoln Vignale (1987)
    Lincoln Continental (2002)
    Lincoln Indianapolis (1955)
    Lincoln Continental Concept 90 (1982)
    Lincoln Aviator (2018)
    Lincoln Anniversary (1953)
    Lincoln MK9 (2001)
    Lincoln Quicksilver Ghia (1983)
    Lincoln MKC (2013)[24][25][26] Lincoln Continental Town Sedan (1969)
    Lincoln Continental Town Brougham (1964–1965)
    Lincoln Marque X (1992)
    Lincoln C (2009)
    Lincoln Machete (1988)
    Lincoln XL-500 (1953)
    Lincoln Mardi Gras (1954)
    Lincoln Mark X (2004)
    Continental Mark III Dual Cowl Phaeton (1970)
    Lincoln MKZ (2012)
    Lincoln Maharaja (1953)[4] Lincoln Navicross (2003)
    Lincoln Futura (1955)[6] Lincoln Continental 1950-X (1952)
    Lincoln Continental (2015)
    Lincoln Continental Concept 100 (1983)
    Lincoln L2K (1995)